5 unforgettable activities to experience with the family in the Pyrenees this winter

Head in the stars, snowshoes in the powder, arms outstretched to drive your sled…for children and adults alike, there is no shortage of unforgettable wintertime experiences in the Pyrenees! Come to the mountains to create memorable family memories.

Dreaming of the stars at the Pic du Midi planetarium

Immediate boarding for the highest planetarium in Europe! Under the Baillaud dome, the oldest astronomical installation in the observatory sits atop the Pic du Midi, hiding a planetarium 8 meters (26 feet) in diameter. Each session begins with a 17-minute film called L’Epopée du Pic (The Epic of the Pic), telling the story of the mountain. Then, for 30 minutes (and depending on the session), a scientific animated film, a documentary, or a show directed by an astronomer reveals all the (known) secrets of the Milky Way. It's enough to make children and adults alike dream.

Check with the Pic du Midi to find out the reception conditions with regard to health measures.
Pic du Midi (External link)

Meet the huskies at the Grand Tourmalet

This is an unforgettable afternoon! On the Lienz plateau in Barèges, with the Appel Sauvage, children aged three to seven can learn how to be a musher, the human who leads the sled dogs. This is no simple walk in the park, it's a real initiation: you meet the dogs, learn the technical gestures and discover how to handle the sled. Then, it's time to get started! Standing behind the wheel of the "baby sled", adapted to a mini-musher's size and adjustable in height, the child guides his team for an unforgettable mountain adventure.

Check with the Appel Sauvage to find out about the reception conditions in relation to sanitary measures.
L'Appel Sauvage (External link)

Make like a trapper in Payolle

For a day or three, slip into the shoes of a family of trappers! Reach the trapper camp set up by Artahé on snowshoes, a walk of about 1:30, very accessible to all ages. Once there, life settles around the fire and the meals taken en famille there. The bravest can even strap on the snowshoes again for a night outing. During school breaks, Delphine and Chris, the guides, organize storytelling evenings around the fire. Magical.

Check with Artahé to find out about the reception conditions with regard to health measures.
Artahé (External link)

Dare to fly on the big zip line in Gourette

200 meters (656 feet) of descent, not a centimeter less! Then, 180 meters (590 feet) of ascent on the other side—in Gourette, thrills are yours for the taking from five years old and up thanks to this giant zip line, suspended between two mountains. The whole family can fly like a mountain bird! The little ones can experience the adventure in pairs with an instructor.

Splash around at the spa in the Louron valley

At the spa-leisure center of Balnéa, in the Louron Valley, well-being is a habit the a young age: at nine months, toddlers can taste the pleasures of the Ameridians Baths. Swimming against the current, on geyser, in bubble baths, under showers, in waterfalls—more than enough fun to go around splashing around in the water, heated to 33°C (91°F). A direct connection brings you to the Inca Baths, the open-air extension: plunge into the cool pools before quickly rushing to warm up in the Amerindian Baths! The older ones (12 and up) can also enjoy the Japanese and Roman Baths.

Check with Balnéa to find out about the reception conditions in relation to sanitary measures.
Balnéa (External link)

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