Our selection of bars and rooftops to discover in Marseille

From hotel bars with panoramic views to neighbourhood bistros where you can taste delicious panisses, there is no shortage of places to relax and enjoy Marseille’s vibe. Here is a guided tour of the best places to go to once the sun sets!

Panoramic hotel bars

The Bar of the Sofitel Vieux-Port: Dantès Skylounge

With its 150 sq metres of panoramic terrace offering a sweeping view of Marseille's harbor, from the iconic Mucem to the Bonne Mère, the "Dantès Skylounge (External link) " is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful venues in the city. You’ll take your time to settle comfortably in the deep armchairs, before reading the very long drink menu where traditional cocktails, signature cocktails as well as a nice selection of wines, champagnes and brandies are recommended.

The bar of the Intercontinental Hôtel Dieu: the Capian

A magnificent terrace overlooking the Old Port, under the watchful eye of the Notre Dame de la Garde, best describe the setting of the [Capian (External link) ] in this 5-star hotel housed in a former hospice whose architecture dates back to 1000 years. The head bartender, who has won awards in France and abroad for the quality of his cocktails, offers about 50 creations on the menu. Cheers!

The rooftop bar of the hotel les Bords de Mer

This hotel perched above the Catalan beach is aptly named! On the top floor, on the rooftop, the bar of the hotel Les Bords de mer (External link) invites you to soak in an incredible view of the sea. Its menu bears hallmarks of the French art of living, with its a selection of wines from the region and the best French vintages.

Ideas for aperitifs and tapas in the vibrant Endoume district

Le café de l’Abbaye

At a few metres from the magnificent Saint Victor's Abbey is a small bar that may not catch your attention at first glance, but as soon as the aperitif hour approaches, the terrace of the [Café de l'abbaye (External link) ] fills up in no time. Their secret? An unmissable view of the harbor, a gorgeous sunset and homemade panisses to relish.

La Relève

This is the historic bar of the Endoume revival. It was the first to open in this corner of the city, and has paved the way for many bars and restaurants to take over the neighbourhood. At [la Relève (External link) ], the tapas are a must-try and the atmosphere very lively!

La Ruche

With its long counter reminiscent of the 70's, lively atmosphere and a space that allows for intimate gatherings, la Ruche (External link) is a tapas bar, which has established itself in a few years as a safe bet in the Endoume district. The flavour of the tapas is deliciously Mediterranean and the drinks menu offers a nice selection of organic and natural wines.

Secret cocktail bars


Azure blue ceiling, beautiful lights, tropical birds... The décor of this small intimate cocktail bar was entrusted to a renowned decorator of the region. We like the dark wall on the first floor, decorated with gold and bamboo in a very retro tiki spirit. As a true purist, the menu of Gaspard (External link) proposes exclusively cocktails accompanied by dainty "nibbles".

Le Carry Nation

You won't come across this bar by chance. Sheltered from passers-by and the general public, the Carry Nation (External link) claims to be a clandestine cocktail bar created in the style of American bars during the prohibition era. It is a highly secret underground address, which can only be accessed by reservation. The menu offers a wide choice of spirits and authentic cocktails.

Le Directoire

A neighborhood brasserie at lunchtime, and a cocktail bar at night for the initiated. Known for his bartending skills, the manager of the Directoire (External link) offers you a drinks menu that on reading explains how seriously they take their drinks here. The gin is infused with Lapsang Souchon smoked tea, the vodka with lemongrass and the ginger beer is homemade!

A 100% local craft beer bar

What makes Zoumaï (External link) special? It is both an independent brewery that produces its own craft beer and a bar that has a street corner! Beer lovers gather in large numbers to discover the new creations added to the menu each season: original, organic and gourmet beers brewed on site.

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