Marseille: Come away with me

With 300 sunny days each year, 57 kilometres of exquisite coastline, 15 fascinating museums and a bustling cosmopolitan centre, Marseille is a must-visit.

Sports enthusiasts visiting France in 2023 for the Rugby world Cup will be elated to add Marseille to their agendas, and again in 2024 for sailing and football in the Paris Summer Olympics. It is a sailing mecca from July 28 to August 8, 2024 when the cosmopolitan city hosts the sailing competitions (including kiteboarding). Competitions depart from the Roucas-Blanc Marina in the Bouches-du-Rhône. Several rugby matches will be played at the Stade Vélodrome – France, England, Scotland, Argentina and South Africa will be playing at the Stade Vélodrome during the competition’s pool stage.The Stade Vélodrome will also host two quarter-finals opposing the two first teams of pool C and pool D.

Vallon des Auffes, Bâteaux port, pont -©H.AUER
Vallon des Auffes, Bâteaux port, pont -© H.AUER

Marseille Provence for a day

Sip coffee and munch on croissants while people watching at the Vieux-Port (Old Port) then climb uphill to admire the Roman-Byzantine basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, the guardian of sailors and fishermen. Visit the Mucem (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) and be mesmerised by Rudy Ricciotti’s spectacular architecture or visit the Grotte Cosquer. Lunch at the nearby gourmet food market Halles de la Major. Explore the historic Panier district with narrow streets crammed with crafts/antique shops, street art and cafés. Purchase some Dali Nouader’s ‘Sablés Marseillais’ (butter biscuits) at La Frétillante and some jars of local tapenade: a purée of capers, anchovies, black olives, garlic and olive oil. Take a dip at the cove of Anse de Maldormé then relax on a terrace café with a Pastis (aniseed flavoured apéro). Dine on a traditional Bouillabaisse (seafood stew) at Chez Fonfon or enjoy jazz, seafood and great views at La Caravelle.

Marseille, Le Panier - ©Fotolia
Discover Marseille - (photo ©Fotolia-Marseille Tourism)

Family affairs in Marseille Provence

With the family? Book a guided tour from the Old Port to the Calanques National Park by electric bike, followed by snorkelling. Visit specialist icecream parlour Le Glacier du Roi and sit down for a pizza on Ciel Rooftop. Take the little train to climb up to the basilica Notre Dame de la Garde or the Colorbüs. Visit le Préau des Accoules” - a museum dedicated to children and enjoy a dinner at Splendido and marvel at its refined decor.

Linger longer in Marseille Provence

If you have a few days, take a boat trip to the prison Château d’If (featured in Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo). Visit the Calanques National Park, a wild coastal terrain with 140 protected terrestrial animal and plant species and 60 marine heritage species. Discover street art in the ‘Le Cours Julien’ area and stop in for some designer shopping. Have a late meal at Les Grandes Halles du Vieux-port. Foodies will also love a cheese tour at La Laiterie. For the fitness fanatics, there are magical spots to swim, kayak, jog or sail the coast. Should you be single and want to mingle, get inspired at museums (Musée d’histoire de Marseille, Musée des Beaux- Arts), then mingle at an exhibition or concert at Friche Belle de Mai, a creative complex in a converted tobacco factory.

Stadium orange vélodrome -©joOMTCM
Stadium orange vélodrome -©joOMTCM

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