What to do in the 10th arrondissement of Paris!

Here’s a quick sneak peak in to the Xe arrondissement (tenth district) of Paris! Situated on the right bank of the River Seine, distinct from the ado in the other quarters of the city of lights, canal Saint Martin is a tranquil neighbourhood where the Parisians-in-the-know hang out. From chic boulangeries to one of its kind book stores to innovative street art, this quaint quarter will charm you.

Where is it located?

The 4.5 Km long canal was constructed in the 19th century with a series of three underground tunnels that stretch from Rue Faubourg du Temple to Place de la Bastille where it joins the river Seine. Two of the most important railway stations of Paris are in this quarter. You may have visited the 10th arrondisement most likely to catch a train from Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est however, this tranquil yet trendy and vibrant district with cast-iron footbridges frequented by readers, walkers, joggers, talkers has a lot more to offer and will surely surprise you.


Artazart at 83 quai Valmy, 75010 Paris is a paradise for design lovers. This iconic book store turned 20 this year. It stocks an array of books on art, photography, design, painting, architecture, interior design, gardening and landscaping. Perfect in both form and function, Artazart is the place to find the right coffee table book to gift. This unique book store that stands out in bright orange along the banks of canal Saint Martin, is an ideal place for reading while sipping your café à la française.

Musée du chocolat

Ready to immerse in the world of chocolates? Here’s your address: 28 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle in the canal Saint Martin district of Paris. Choco-Story (External link) , the gourmet chocolate museum unveils the four millennia of history of cocoa and chocolate. Be a part of live demonstrations that take place all day long, taste an array of chocolates and indulge in some sensory experiences by creating your own chocolates. The museum also showcases art works made of chocolates, bringing chocolate fantasies alive through sculptures going as high as 9 feet. Don’t miss this chocolate heaven in Paris!

Street art

Let your imagination run wild here! Paris resonates with art, not only does the city of lights inspire artists and is home to some magnificent works of art but at the same time is also home to the art world’s poor cousin – ‘street art’. Street is gaining popularity all over the world and this phenomenal art work ‘La Baguenaude de Valmy’ by Vinie on the Quai de Valmy is sure to grab your attention while strolling in the canal Saint Martin district. Some more innovative art work can be found on Rue Alibert, Rue Bichat also in this creative neighbourhood.

Picnic, barge and cycling

Picnics and lazing alongside the Canal Saint Martin are a common feature on a Parisian’s to-do list. Enjoy your baguette, cheese and wine on a Sunday afternoon with family or friends! Or cycle along the canal or take a boat excursion to unravel the brilliant works of the gates in the canal. A boat cruise is sure to offer you a new perspective of the neighbourhood. For movie buffs and lovers of French music, the canal Saint Martin will seem familiar after all, iconic movies like Amélie where she enjoys playing skipping stones, Les Malheurs d’Alfred, L’Atalante and Hôtel du Nord featured the picturesque locations on the canal Saint Martin. As for music, the canal has also earned a mention in the song ‘Les Mômes de la Cloche’ by the renowned artist Edith Piaf.

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo pizzas specialised in canal-side pizza deliveries. Customers go to the store at 67 rue Bichat, order a pizza and they get a pink balloon upon payment, which will help the delivery person locate them on the canal while customers find a spot for their picnic. The unique concept opened its doors to customers in 2005 however they had a very humble start, because customers would initially be hesitant to pay up and wait for their delivery. Over time, you could see several balloons waving along the banks of the canal.

Chef Thierry Breton

Chef Thierry Breton known for his exploits at the Hotel Ritz Paris, Hôtel de Crillion now dominates Rue Belzunce in Paris. He offers diverse dining options from bistros to wine bars named after his kids. With a Bib Michelin accreditation which signifies a restaurant delivering a high quality dining experience at a reasonable price, ‘Chez Michel’ (External link) named after his son is a classic French bistro. ‘Chez Casimir’ named after his daughter has earned a Michelin plate which is a sign for very good food. A native of Brittany, Chef Thierry Breton owns a concept wine bar ‘La Pointe du Grouin’ that in a unique way operates on its own sovereign currency ‘groins’ in 1:1 ratio with the Euro. Quite an unusual drinking experience!