The top exhibitions not to be missed in Paris: 2018-2019

What do Paris museums have on the agenda for this season? You can expect impressionists, pop icons, underground radicals and cubists, a joyful mix of genres and disciplines, combining painting, sculpture, photography and music... we focus on some of the unmissable exhibitions that break with convention and truly deserve to be on your itinerary in Paris.

KOHEI NAWA | Throne, at the Louvre

From July 13, 2018 to January 14, 2019. This year, Paris pays tribute to Japan as part of the 2018 Japanese cultural season. To celebrate the land of the Rising Sun, the Louvre presents artist Kohei Nawa. Directly beneath the iconic glass pyramid, his monumental work Throne brilliantly mixes Japanese cultural tradition with the most advanced technologies. A sculpture covered with gold leaf that leaves all who see it with a lasting impression... KOHEI NAWA | Throne at the Louvre (External link)

Alphonse Mucha, at the Luxembourg Museum

From September 12, 2018 to January 27, 2019. Alphonse Mucha, a Czech artist, an exile Paris in the early 1900s, is especially remembered for his sublime Art Nouveau posters. But you’d be wrong to think that these are his only magnificent legacy, and the Musée du Luxembourg goes all out this season to showcase his talent. An exhibition dedicated to Mucha draws on the personality of this extraordinary artist and reveals many facets through paintings, sculpture and objets d'art – revealing Mucha’s universe. Alphonse Mucha at the Luxembourg Museum (External link)

Picasso. Blue and Rose, at the Musée d'Orsay

From September 18, 2018 to January 6, 2019. Enhanced by loans from the Musée National Picasso in Paris, this exhibition explores the career of the artist from 1900 to 1906. In the spotlight are masterpieces including paintings, drawings, sculptures and engravings. If you only need one reason to discover this event: the oil painting La Vie, the pinnacle of the blue period of the artist, will be presented for the first time ever in France! Picasso. Blue and Rose at the Musée d'Orsay (External link)

Dreams of the Orient by Yves Saint-Laurent, at the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum

From October 2, 2018 to January 27, 2019. The Yves Saint Laurent Museum creates its first temporary exhibition, "Dreams of the Orient" which showcases the fascination of the designer for India, China and Japan. Discover haute couture outfits, prints and objects d’art loaned by the National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet and private collectors. The exhibition takes you on a tour and inspires the same fascination for the Orient that the legendary fashion designer felt. Yves Saint-Laurent's Dreams of the Orient at the Yves Saint-Laurent Museum (External link)

Jean-Michel Basquiat - Egon Schiele at The Louis Vuitton Foundation

From October 3, 2018 to January 14, 2019. The Louis Vuitton Foundation gives space to two major artists who both had dazzling careers cut short in the arts: Egon Schiele and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Through 120 works from Schiele and 135 works from Basquiat, the parallel is obvious: both led brief but blazing lives, dying at the age of 28. Both left behind a legacy of prolific and magnificent work - yet lived almost a century apart. A must-see exhibition. Jean-Michel Basquiat - Egon Schiele at The Louis Vuitton Foundation (External link)

Miró, at the Grand Palais

From October 3, 2018 to February 4, 2019. A figurehead of Surrealism, Miró went through decades of evolving artistic trends, but always kept true to his own poetic universe. With some 135 works, the Grand Palais offers a high-profile retrospective of the Spanish artist and traces 70 years of his creative output. Don’t miss this rare chance to discover the evolution of the style of the painter, as well as previously unseen works in France. Miró at the Grand Palais (External link)

Michael Jackson: On the wall, at the Grand Palais

From November 23, 2018 to February 14, 2019. This is definitely the exhibition with the most pop this season in Paris! While Michael Jackson's influence in the world of music, video clips, dance, and fashion is well established, the impact of his creations on contemporary art is less well known. He was the muse of many artists including Andy Warhol, Lorraine O'Grady and Isaac Julien, and the Grand Palais highlights works directly inspired by the King of Pop. A powerful tribute to an artist who would have turned 60 this year. Michael Jackson On the wall at the Grand Palais (External link)

Doisneau and music, at the Philharmonie de Paris

From December 4 to April 28, 2019. This winter, La Philharmonie traces the path of iconic photographer Robert Doisneau through the world of music. The fanfares, the cabarets, meeting jazz musicians and musical artists of his time, this most famous Parisian photographer captured the moments and immortalised them. Doisneau and the music at the Philharmonie de Paris (External link)

Matisse’s Modèle noir de Géricault at the Musée d'Orsay

From March 26 to July 14, 2019. The Musée d'Orsay devotes an exhibition to African history through paintings, sculptures, engravings and photographs. The display covers the period of the abolition of slavery of 1794 to the present day, via a presentation of works by Théodore Géricault, Edouard Manet, Paul Cézanne, Henri Matisse, and photographers Nadar and Carjat... This is an exhibition that questions aesthetics, politics, social and racial relations.
The Black Model from Géricault to Matisse at the Musée d'Orsay (External link)

Electro Dream: From Kraftwerk to Daft Punk at the Philharmonie de Paris

From April 9 to August 11, 2019. The Philharmonie celebrates all forms of music and demonstrates it with an exhibition devoted to electro. Composed with the help of DJ Laurent Garnier, take a look at the cultural aspects of electro music. Appealing to all senses, you’re immersed in the world of electro through luminous installations reminiscent of the ambiance of rave parties. Electro Dream - from Kraftwerk to Daft Punk at the Philharmonie de Paris (External link)

Berthe Morisot, at the Musée d'Orsay

From June 18 to September 22, 2019. Berthe Morisot, a proponent of Impressionism at the time of Monet, Degas and Renoir, is at last put in the spotlight she deserves. Recognized as one of the most innovative artists in the impressionists circle, her career was exceptional, despite the limitations imposed on female artists in her day. Berthe Morisot at the Musée d'Orsay (External link)

Cubism at the Pompidou Centre

From October 17, 2018 to February 25, 2019. More than 300 works and documents, featuring dozens of artists... An exhibition devoted to Cubism at the Pompidou Centre offers an extensive overview of the artistic movement associated with Braque and Picasso, its founders. Chronologically, through 14 sections, the presentation takes you through all aspects. This is the first exhibition devoted to cubism for more than 50 years and is one of the main artistic events of the winter. Cubism at the Georges Pompidou Centre (External link)

Madagascar at the Quai Branly Museum

From September 18, 2018 to January 1, 2019. A focus on Madagascar in the Indian Ocean highlights decorative arts, funerary sculpture, paintings, photography and contemporary creations: more than 350 pieces bring to light the art, history and culture of Madagascar, a melting pot of diverse influences. It’s also a great chance to discover the eclectic collections of Quai Branly. Madagascar at the Musée du Quai Branly (External link)