Where can we get a table in the parks and gardens of Paris?

Warm days are here in Paris and, with them comes the desire to sit in the greenery to have brunch, lunch or drinks and finger food. Follow us to the parks and gardens that abound in the city. Exotic, artsy or historical, discover our selection of restaurant terraces to enjoy the summer—and the cuisine—in Paris.

The most elegant: "Loulou" at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs

Between fashion, design and authenticity, "Loulou" is an ode to the French way of life in the heart of the Gardens of the Louvre. If the gallery is eminently modern and splendid, what attracts us is the terrace of this trendy restaurant in the center of Paris. The Pyramid, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, greenery within reach—all of Paris stretches before you like a painting. Day and night, you can go and savor some tapas with sweet Italian flavors, delicious meals or sweet treats at any time.
The Loulou restaurant (External link) , Museum of Decorative Arts, 107 rue de Rivoli, 75001

The most exotic: The island in the park of Île Saint-Germain

The park of Île Saint-Germain is a little known treasure worth seeing. After a stroll, visit an old "Pavillon Napoléon III" building transformed into a restaurant. The island has recently been redecorated by star designer Laura Gonzales, capturing the atmosphere of an elegant country house. The terrace offers a breathtaking setting under the chestnut trees. On a beautiful sunny day, you can comfortably sit down and enjoy grilled meat or vegetables from the kitchen garden, an elegant French version of a barbecue.
L'Île Restaurant (External link) , 170 quai de Stalingrad, Park of Île Saint-Germain, 92130 Issy-Les-Moulineaux

The most "outdoorsy": "Le Pavillon Puebla" at Buttes-Chaumont

Don't be afraid to go up to discover this open-air bar hidden in the heart of Buttes-Chaumont. Here, light garlands are tangled in the trees; soft cushions with Moroccan motifs invite you to take a seat. At the end of the day, the bucolic atmosphere encourages relaxation and friendliness. The more hours you spend, the more the atmosphere warms up and becomes festive. Whether you go for a drink or pizza, "Le Pavillon Puebla" is one of Parisians' favorite locations in the summer.
Le Pavillon Puebla (External link) in the Buttes-Chaumont Park, 39 avenue Simon Bolivar, 75019

The most artistic: "Café Rodin" at the Rodin Museum

"Café Rodin" is the perfect spot for a lunch break after a visit to the museum to rave about the sculptor's creative genius. In the middle of beautiful gardens, there are tables set up just to fulfill aesthetic aspirations of a secret café. Quiches, pies, salads—the menu is simple, but visitors come mainly to enjoy the calm and charm of the place. Then, discover the namesake artist's masterpieces throughout the park's paths, a few meters from this café.
Café of the Rodin Museum (External link) , 77 rue de Varenne, 75007

The most lacustrine: "Le Chalet des Îles" in the Bois de Vincennes

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, head east of Paris, towards the huge Bois de Vincennes to "Le Chalet des Îles." A few meters from Lake Daumesnil, this Swiss chalet offers a charming getaway where you can enjoy the beauty and calm of nature under the trees. The huge terrace that makes you want to visit it again and again. With modern and comfortable furniture, it is the ideal place to have a drink or a snack after a hot day.
Le Chalet des Îles (External link) , Bois de Vincennes, île de Reuilly, 75012

The most historic: The Pavillon Montsouris at the Parc Montsouris

The sublime Pavillon Montsouris, in the heart of the park of the same name, has been welcoming the greats of this world since 1889, when it was built for the Universal Exposition of 1892. Listed as a historical monument, it honors French heritage through its Belle Époque architecture as well as its menu, which puts forward French excellence. Refinement and delicacy meet in this haven of peace on the Left Bank. Whether under or on the terrace on the edge of the park, it offers a moment out of time.
Pavillon Montsouris (External link) , 20 rue Gazan, 75014

The most flowery: "Les Belles Plantes" in the Garden of Plants

Like a family home in the countryside, "Les Belles Plantes" restaurant is dressed in an intimate and delicate décor. Floral wallpapers, wicker furniture, cascading flower pots—this brasserie that opened last summer has everything to take guests along on a Sunday lunch in the countryside. Between seasonal dishes, shareable appetizers and its two magnificent terraces, it's an oasis, just a few steps from the Ménagerie.
Les Belles Plantes Restaurant (External link) , 47 rue Cuvié, 75005

The most bistronomic: "La Table du Luxembourg" in the Luxembourg Garden

For three years, the small restaurant of the Luxembourg Garden has honored gourmet cuisine under the leadership of Michelin-starred Chef Philippe Renard. A few meters from the Senate, this restaurant showcases fresh, seasonal produce in a perfectly executed symphony. A feast for the taste buds as well as the eyes, the chef takes you along for a pleasant moment under the pretty glass roof or in the large, spacious terrace.
"La Table du Luxembourg" (External link) restaurant, 7 rue Guynemer, porte Fleurus, 75006

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