Mission Impossible: Why Tom Cruise loves Paris

Image from the trailer "Mission: Impossible - Fallout".
We’ve just seen the latest instalment of the Mission Impossible film series, and as expected, it delivers! At the world premiere of the film, Tom Cruise was full of praise for Paris, chosen as the main location for his impressive stunts. Here are 6 good reasons to go see Tom Cruise in Paris on the big screen…

1. Helicopter flight over the Eiffel Tower

When you’re Tom Cruise and you have just 120 minutes to save the world (the plot is about a race against time to recover a stolen consignment of plutonium) the most practical solution is by helicopter. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of the Seine, the three floors of the iconic Eiffel Tower, and action along the quays of the Seine. Panoramic views are the upshot.

2. Parachute landing on the glass roof of the Grand Palais

Dropped (for real) by a plane over Paris, Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill land on the glass roof of the Grand Palais and pitch into the middle of a huge party. A little stunned by the fall (plunging 10,000m will do that), they cross the dance floor (what a fabulous place for a party) before completely destroying the men’s room during a violent punch-up. A memorable scene.

3. Betrayed at the Trocadero

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For secret agents, treachery is as common as drinking a glass of water. But, if you’re going to even think about plotting against Tom Cruise, you’d better do it well - and big time. The action takes place far from indiscreet ears, on the esplanade of Trocadero, facing the Eiffel Tower. Classic.

4. Rendezvous in the gardens of the Royal Palace

There’s nothing quite like a secret rendezvous with a former love interest to heat up the action. The perfect place for a meeting? The gardens of the Royal Palace, between the arrow straight paths and iconic columns created by artist Daniel Buren. Save the world, love art and each other, nothing else matters. Sizzling.

5. Wrong way round the Arc de Triomphe

As you can see from the picture, Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt is about to take enter the vicinity of l'Etoile, a junction of twelve avenues. Going the wrong way around the Arc de Triomphe, the most rock'n'roll traffic intersection in France, our hero realizes the fantasy of every self-respecting Parisian motorist. Insane.

6. Speed boat chase through underground canals

Our very well-informed hero knows perfectly how to traverse the underground tunnels of the Canal Saint-Martin, which stretches between the Bastille and the basin of Villette. This is one of the trendiest districts of Paris, a place of tranquil daytime delights and lively evening outings. This time, the canal saves his life. Ah that Tom...