10 Parisian landmarks to check out on a virtual tour

Can't visit Paris at the moment? Let's bring Paris to you! The most famous monuments of the French capital can be explored just as easily on a virtual tour. No more excuses not to enjoy, from your smartphone or your computer, and from the comfort of your sofa, the City of Light. Paris is at your fingertips!

Secrets of the Paris Opera

Let's start our visit to Paris with a little surprise! The Paris Opera offers four virtual tours, including a secret one...going from the opera performance hall, to its library, as well as on its roof offering a panoramic view of the whole city. But above all, you can visit the mysterious underground lake! In actuality, it's a vast tank measuring 25 by 50 meters (82 by 164 feet). But why is it lying under the Opéra Garnier? Have we "wet" your appetite?

Virtual tours of the Paris Opera (External link)

Climbing the Eiffel Tower

If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the capital, go to the Eiffel Tower. Take to the skies thanks to this virtual ride on the Iron Lady and enjoy a 360° panorama from the top of the most famous Parisian monument. What a view!

Virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower (External link)

The glass roof of the Grand Palais

A symbol of architectural innovation in Paris, the Grand Palais usually hosts a large number of exhibitions. This virtual visit is therefore an opportunity to check out the building itself, a jewel of classical and Art Nouveau styles, and to enjoy its large glass dome, unique in Paris. Having this place to yourself is an opportunity not to be missed!

Virtual tour of the Grand Palais (External link)

The history of the Conciergerie

Royal residence, courthouse then revolutionary prison, this imposing Gothic palace opens its doors to you for a beautiful (and fun) visit. From the Guard Room to the huge Salle des Gens d'Armes, including the kitchens built under Jean le Bon, this building is positively full of French history. You just have to click to be transported to France's fascinating past!

Virtual tour of the Conciergerie (External link)

The works of Notre Dame

Since the fire of April 15, 2019, the Notre-Dame de Paris has been closed to the public. While she gets a makeover, you can still enjoy the magic of this place thanks to an interactive map. Take the opportunity to discover the works positioned as they can typically be found in the cathedral: it's as if you were really in the building!

Interactive map of Notre Dame's works (External link)

The stained glass windows of the Sainte-Chapelle

To continue to enjoy what the Île de la Cité has to offer, you can explore the Sainte-Chapelle chapel, with its 15 magnificent stained-glass walls and 1,113 stained-glass windows. Thanks to a panoramic virtual tour, discover this luminous chapel in an interactive way. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about its history, thanks to various explanatory capsules.

Visite tour of Sainte-Chapelle (External link)

The Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur of Montmartre

The emblematic white basilica of Montmartre awaits you with the help of eight vignettes that provide access to strategic points of view. With two interactive maps to choose, the interior and exterior of this monument will hold no secrets for you. In addition, the virtual walk is accompanied by an immersive sound element and videos. It's as if you were standing on the hill of Montmartre!

Virtual tour of Sacré-Coeur (External link)

Panthéon crypt

An iconic monument of the capital, which is inspired by the architecture of Rome and the Pantheon of Agrippa, is France's most famous crypt. Made up of four galleries, great national personalities are buried there. So if you want to mix history, architecture and a breathtaking view of Paris from the dome, click below!

Virtual tour of the Panthéon (External link)

View from the Arc de Triomphe

Discover the splendor of one of the most popular monuments in Paris and enjoy a 360° view around the Arc de Triomphe, as well as visual walk above the Champs-Élysées to appreciate the architectural beauty of the Haussmann buildings so typical of the French capital. You could almost feel dizzy from the view!

Virtual visit of the Arc de Triomphe (External link)

And explore the Hôtel de Ville

Did you know that the Salle des Fêtes at Paris City Hall was designed as a replica of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles? The interior as impressive as the exterior of this imposing monument. And in addition to the beauty of the place, you can also check out the office in which the Mayor of the city meets with his or her team.

Virtual tour of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris (External link)

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