Joël Robuchon: 5 sublime recipes to remember him by

He elevated humble mashed potatoes to a dish in its own right, and revolutionized French culinary heritage for eternity. Crowned "meilleur ouvrier de France", "chef of the year" and "cook of the century", the late, great, Joël Robuchon leaves behind an exceptional savoir-faire. In memory of the much-missed star of gastronomy, here are 5 of his signature recipes. Bon appétit – bien sûr!

1. Mashed potatoes

250 grams of butter, 1kg potatoes (Ratte is best), 25cl whole milk and a pinch of coarse salt, mixed well but never blended. The purée of Joël Robuchon has conquered the world. Why? For its incredible simplicity, its texture and its (very) generous amount of butter. And, because as the great chef himself said, "The simplest dish is often the best”.

2. Langoustine ravioli with truffle

It was in 1981, at Le Jamin, his first restaurant, that Joël Robuchon invented one of his signature dishes to be: langoustine ravioli with truffle. An elegant preparation, balanced between land and sea, that the chef particularly liked for its delicious aromas of langoustine and truffle. The secret of preparation: "Cooking ravioli with court-bouillon preserves the subtle taste of langoustine." Source: see the recipe. (External link)

3. Smoked bacon, onion and truffle tart

A dish from the Chef’s show Bon Appétit Bien Sûr! Though he preached simple cuisine, accessible to all, the 32-star chef also had a taste for refinement in his dishes. Proof of this was his enduring love for truffles: "It is the ingredient that has most influenced my cooking" he said. This crispy tart was no exception: "I like this unusual recipe for its texture and flavours. It’s elegant, this pie provides a classic base to celebrate the deep and exquisite flavour of truffle, the main ingredient of the dish." Source: see the recipe (External link) (French only)

4. Cauliflower cream with caviar

Caviar was one of the chef's signature ingredients. His love affair with the high-end product began when he combined the potency of caviar with the softness of creamed cauliflower: "I love caviar for its strong taste, with a hint of bitterness, a trace of iodine, a little sweetness, and of course a touch of acidity". The intensity of taste peaks when partnered with lobster jelly. An amazing marriage of flavours which raised the talented chef to the stars. Source: see the recipe. (External link) (French only)

5. Frogs legs with parsley cream

Frogs legs, an iconic French iconic dish, controversial yes, but in the end, enjoyed the world over. With creativity, experiment and a lot of respect for the ingredients, the recipe with parsley cream was reinvented by the great chef Joël Robuchon. It is a true ode to France, a legacy of this most distinguished chef. Source: see the recipe. (External link)

Where to taste his signature dishes in Paris:


Two addresses in Paris to taste Chef Joël Robuchon's signature dishes: the Atelier Etoile on the top of the Champs Elysées is located in the Drugstore Publicis; the Atelier Saint-Germain-des-Prés, created 7 years ago, is located 5 rue de Montalembert in the 7th district of Paris.