Discover the wonders of the Grand Épicerie Rive Droite Paris

From the golden reflections of a wall of olive oils to, a compendium of chocolate bars... The Grande Epicerie de Paris Rive Droite (Right Bank) reveals the art of taste in all its forms - including that of presentation. Plunge into a world of global gastronomy for delectable pleasures of the senses.

Luscious luxury market

At the main entrance on Rue de Passy, the green façade covered with piquant mint, thyme and rosemary sets the tone. Inside, dive into a bowl of fresh food and a bouquet of vibrant scents. Between stalls of seasonal fruit and vegetables, the fishmonger's bench and an aromatic rotisserie, the ground floor was conceived as a big multicoloured market place where the best of everyday products are in the spotlight. This is a spectacular and original version of a French village market and a fabulous introduction to this grand store which will definitely whet your appetite.

Gourmet decorations

In each sector, the decor is an echo of the authenticity of products. At the patisserie, the mosaic murals designed by artist Mathilde Jonquière are a nod to the Saint-Honoré, one of the most illustrious pastries of 19th century Paris. You’ll find this famous cake alongside other gorgeous gateaux in the jewel-like cake cabinets, a delight for the eyes and the taste buds.

A cellar at the pinnacle

With 1,500 brands in a vaulted cellar more than 40 meters long, you’ll discover a collection fit for Bacchus, the wine god! Whiskey connoisseurs will certainly appreciate the 100 varieties offered and oenologists will relish shelves filled with 220 exceptional bottles of prestigious cuvées. Great things come in pairs and the ideal neighbours here are delicious cheeses and charcuterie, which share the cellar space (of course!).

Tantalising tasting counters

Turn your visit into a gourmet getaway and stop off at one of the four tasting counters in store. In the basement, "Iberian" puts ham in the spotlight. On the 1st floor, choose from "Tea-coffee", "Cuisines of the world" or "Luxury". French gastronomy at is best is on offer from free-range goose foie gras to fresh salmon fished from the rivers of Adour, Garonne.

Around the world by flavour

With 6,000 specially selected brands which showcase the very best of global cuisine, the Epicerie is an invitation to a gastronomic journey. A wall of oils from Italy, Greece and Uruguay reflect shades of gold while a large "tablettothèque" displays hundreds of bars of chocolate sourced from the finest cocoas. If the colourful display of crisps – no less than a hundred brands - is a surprise, then the 350 varieties of jams awakens the nostalgia of grandmother's kitchen.

At the table under the dome

If you’re still feeling peckish head to the restaurant "Le Rive Droite" on the top floor. Under the central dome, the refined decor and designer furnishings perfectly compliment the dishes. With a beautiful blend of traditional and exotic influences, chef Beatriz Gonzalez revisits classic cuisine with a delicious and innovative menu. Her signature dish? Crispy sweetbreads with roasted beets and pearls of infused oil.

The Grand Épicerie Rive Droite Paris