Design comes to Paris in historic places

For the 9th edition of «Paris Design Week», some emblematic sites of Paris will lend themselves to the game of hybridization, hosting temporary installations and exhibitions of contemporary design. A true encounter between the work and the place where it is housed, it is also an opportunity for visitors to take a new look at the historical heritage of Paris. Soak in some of the details of the iconic architectural monuments here:

Museum of National Archives

When a contemporary design workshop takes over a historical monument from the 14th and 16th centuries, it obtains a mixture of explosive genres. At the National Archives Museum, Ublik goes beyond the boundaries of art with I am a stool, a gigantic work from an algorithm. As for Céline Wright, whose work overtakes the large staircase of the building, she creates a dialogue between the painted ceiling and its ten luminaires in washi paper. All these works question the heritage of the institution that welcomes them, to the interes of architecture fans. This is a great opportunity to understand the invisible gateways that bring together the past and the present.
National Archives Museum (External link)

The studios of Paris

Located in the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, emblematic district of design and architecture in Paris, the Ateliers de Paris welcome young craftsmen and entrepreneurs of the crafts, design and fashion in residence every year. The effervescence of the neighborhood, where the memory of Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Jean-Paul Gaultier and John Galliano still hovers, nourishes the artistic atmosphere. In honor of Paris Design Week, about fifteen designers are taking part in the Ateliers de Paris, and are offering an exhibition of luminous creations that establish a dialogue between matter and light.
Studios of Paris (External link)

The city of architecture and heritage

You can’t enjoy Paris Design Week without stopping at the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine! Until September 30, visitors to the museum will be able to contemplate the creations of 125 architects, designed from 1960 to the present day to complete their constructions. In all, some 300 pieces take possession of the entire city for a cultural walk where the originality of the exhibited creations and the historical works of the museum coexist. This is a must-visit for all lovers of French architectural heritage!
The city of architecture and heritage (External link)

The Historic Library of Paris

Far beyond new trends and innovation in design, the hybridization of sites proposed by Paris Design Week reveals all the beauty of French architecture and heritage. At the Hotel Lamoignon, where the historic Library of the City of Paris has been established, the facilities that occupy the outdoor spaces create a bridge between the history of this building and the new challenges of contemporary design. This is the opportunity to discover a jewel of the 16th century's architectural heritage and to question our relationship to matter.
Historical library of the city of Paris (External link)

Anticipations Lafayette

Themed walks organized by Paris Design Week will take fans of architecture to the gates of Lafayette Anticipations, at Galeries Lafayette. Inside this industrial building from the end of the 19th century, renovated by Rem Koolhaas and his OMA agency, dive into the Space Loom, a gigantic loom imagined by the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius. The tour is an original visit that will allow all the architecturally curious to discover this multidisciplinary center of a new kind in Paris!
Lafayette Anticipations (External link)

The Swedish Institute at the Marle Hotel

The Swedish Institute takes advantage of Paris Design Week to offer a public tour of the exceptional restoration of its studios, occupied by artists and researchers in residence in Paris. From September 7th to October 27th, visitors can go inside the doors of this 16th century mansion to discover the exhibition Designprocesser, which explores the creative process of contemporary artists and designers. It's a beautiful dialogue between the purity of Swedish design and the richness of French architecture.
Swedish Institute (External link)

The Cultural Institute of Mexico

Located in the heart of the Marais, the Cultural Institute of Mexico opens its doors to showcase the unique expertise of the artisans of Santa Maria Atzompa and the work of Constance Guisset (External link) following a residence in the Oaxaca region. Until September 17, visitors can enjoy this mixture of cultures through 8 pieces imagined by the French designer, and continue their tour during themed walks organized by Paris Design Week in this emblematic district of Paris.
Cultural Institute of Mexico (External link)