A fantastic family outing to the north of Paris with Mylène!

Enjoy a family trip to Seine-Saint-Denis with Mylène of the Littlevalley blog. Step off the beaten track and discover some wonderful nooks and crannies in this fast-changing part of the world

The Flea Market in Saint-Ouen (Saint-Ouen)

It's the perfect place for a family stroll.
The Flea Market is a fount of inspiration... and some of the things you can pick up there are truly exceptional.
The kids love digging up vintage toys or objects from days gone by...

The Basilica of Saint-Denis (Saint-Denis)

This famous basilica, whose façade has just been renovated, houses the funerary sculptures of Dagobert, Pépin the Short, François 1 and Catherine de Médicis.

The Ourcq canal and the Marins d’Eau Douce (Paris XIX)

A fun and original way to discover the Ourcq canal, lined with industrial wasteland to either side.

Flea Coffee (Saint-Ouen)

My favourite coffee shop – ideal for a little break after the Flea Market in Saint-Ouen. Everything here has been chosen with taste and everything is for sale! The decor changes regularly and the teas are to die for!

The MOB Hotel (Saint-Ouen)

A new-generation hotel bar and restaurant. You soon see why Saint-Ouen is known as 'Little Brooklyn', with its immense terraces, organic vegan restaurant, coworking spaces, yoga lessons, gigs, open-air concerts and loads more besides. And pizzas to keep the whole family happy!

The docklands (Saint-Ouen)

A new district centred around the docklands has shared gardens, a variety of games, deckchairs for those sunny days and bucolic light.

The 6B (Île-Saint-Denis)

The residence of a prolific artist on an island, between the Saint-Denis canal and the Seine. People come to 6B to enjoy more affordable art. The kids will love seeing the artists at work in their studios, and there's a brand new canteen to welcome you during the week.

Getting to the north of Paris