6 experiences for regal living in Le Meurice

A former coaching inn that was given a speedy makeover as the “Hotel of Kings” in the 19th century, Le Meurice has rode the ages as if impervious to the ravages of time, greeting each new era without relinquishing the feel of the 17th century.

In its latest incarnation, the communal areas are designed by Philippe Starck, with Charles Jouffre taking care of the 160 rooms and suites, retaining the references to the splendour of Versailles while adding further touches in a more modern register. Not to mention the nods to illustrious guests, beginning with the most surreal of them all, Salvador Dali.

1. Feel like the King’s favourite in the Grand Salon Pompadour

Looking down from her frame, Louis XV’s favourite sets the tone for this historic salon whose decor dates from 1907. Amidst a setting of white and gold woodwork, the grandiose past of the “Hotel of Kings” is fully apparent. The queen mother of Jordan was so fond of the salon that she took her tea here every afternoon in the 1970s. Today, the salon serves as an opulent reception venue.

2. Pay homage to the most surreal of marquis in Le Dali restaurant

The most iconic marquis at Le Meurice is from the 20th century, in the form of Salvador Dali! Le Meurice served as his Parisian pied-à-terre for 30 years, and the restaurant that borrows his name pays tribute to the most surreal of marquis. With a full-size ceiling hanging adorned with esoteric quotes, and armchairs whose backs are printed with drawings, the restaurant seems to be in soft focus and is as weird as it is welcoming. The menu is a mix of traditional and fun dishes, and is as surreal as the decor with its blue lobster club sandwich and Pop art burger!

3. Play the godfather in Bar 228

The bar at Le Meurice has always had its famous devotees, and their number includes none other than Robert De Niro, who played the young godfather in Coppola’s film. Incidentally, the head barman also has Italian roots, and one of his favourite cocktails is “the Sicilian”! As for the comfortable brown leather armchairs, they give the bar a decidedly British air, if you overlook the frescoes depicting country festivals in 18th century Fontainebleau!

4. Dine like a king at the restaurant by Alain Ducasse

In a tribute to the Treaty of Versailles salon, the interior of Le Meurice Alain Ducasse can only be described as grandiose, with its golden panelling, marble pilasters, and crystal chandeliers. A fitting reflection of the twice-starred gastronomic cuisine! Come evening, and the reflections that dance in the antique mirrors only add to the magic of this 17th century setting fit for a regal dinner.

5. Feel like Coco Chanel in the spa

From one address book to another, Le Meurice and the Clinique Valmont have a long history of guests in common, guests like Coco Chanel. And what way could be more fitting to come full circle? Designed all in curves and soft shades, the Valmont Spa for Le Meurice offers up a range of treatments that include the latest anti-aging solutions. While enjoying this snug experience, one can meditate on this quote from Coco Chanel: “Nobody is young after 40, but you can be irresistible at any age”. After one of these treatments nothing could be more true!

6. Live like a star in the Belle Etoile suite

It lays out its 275m² of dream real estate in fine style, a vast terrace accessed through the Belle Etoile suite. The panoramic views of Paris take your breath away, with Les Tuileries on one side and Place Vendôme, the Opéra Garnier, and Sacré-Coeur on the other. A truly cinematic backdrop that can also be booked for events, so that you can play at being movie stars for a day (or night)!

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