24 hours in a Palace: the Mandarin Oriental Paris

It’s here in this historic 1930s building in the Rue Saint-Honoré close to the Place Vendôme and the glamorous chic of the capital that the Mandarin Oriental Paris has been welcoming its guests since 2011. The generous landscaped garden at the heart of this Palace is an island of calm and peace in a designer setting.

10 am: A flight of butterflies grace the lobby

At the Mandarin Oriental Paris, bees forage for pollen on the roof terrace, and a cloud of 138 Swarovski crystal butterflies catches the light and the eye of guests as they arrive. Welcome to a Palace that has as many rooms and suites as these winged insects and in its large internal garden grows camellias whose flowers embody its own elegance, harmony and perfect beauty

11 am: A room with a view

Here, you take possession not only of spaces... but also of space. The rooms of this Palace are distinctive for their generous floor area, which averages 40 m², and extends to as much as 350 m² for the Royale Mandarin Suite. Take a look through the picture window to the inner courtyard garden or the famous Rue Saint-Honoré and… Paris is ours!

Midday: Paris is a permanent party!

Did you know? Colette, the first concept store in Paris, opened just over 10 years ago at 213 Rue Saint-Honoré. It is here in one of the most prestigious thoroughfares in all the capital where all the great names of luxury goods and designer fashion have their homes, that the Mandarin Oriental Paris has installed its exceptional services at number 251 behind a restrained Art Deco facade.

1 pm: Time for lunch at the Camélia

This restaurant designed like a garden with trees and intimate cabana-like islands is where Thierry Marx serves his deceptively simple contemporary cuisine. Come here for lunch and you leave promising yourself to return for a gourmet tea. Teatime at the Mandarin Oriental is famous! In the summer months, the Camélia opens its doors and extends into the courtyard garden to serve guests alfresco. Well, what do you know... a ray of sunshine!

3 pm: Harmonious waters

We love this pool for the purity of its lines and its 14-metre length where you can stretch yourself... gently, of course. The best idea here? The Chinese shadow images projected onto the walls to create a dreamlike world. Finish off by relaxing in the large coloured glass alcoves... Life is good, very good!

5 pm: An holistic spa experience

You could almost lose yourself here! This is quite a spa: 900 m² on two floors. But where to begin? Perhaps by contemplating the white and crimson glass mosaic floor studied with silver leaf butterflies, or the walls with their stylised flowers reminiscent of giant origami. Then, curled up in one of the 7 suites, continue the voyage through the senses by opting for the Mandarin Oriental Signature treatments inspired by Oriental philosophy, or those from the famous French fragrance house of Guerlain.

7 pm: Plunge into the plush surroundings of Bar 8

Whether before dinner or after, it’s easy to love the friendly atmosphere of this bar where every detail counts: the dark walls embedded with Lalique crystal jewels like tiny drops of rain, their green gradation evoking the garden and undergrowth after the storm, the low tables scattered with seed-like lights of varying intensity, and at the centre, the imposing block of marble behind which your mixologist will prepare you a house speciality cocktail.

8:30 pm: Bespoke dining

Sur Mesure (the French word for bespoke) is the name of the Mandarin Oriental's immaculate 2 Michelin star fine dining restaurant where Thierry Marx works his brilliant magic with shape, colour, texture and temperature. This compilation of technical skill and emotion is served in an all-white cocoon, itself a work of art! Chic beyond chic!

9 am: Why not take a delicious cake with you?

It would be outrageous to suggest leaving this hotel without a visit to its Cake shop. Don’t forget that you’re on the Rue Saint-Honoré, and that Honoré is the Patron Saint of bakers and pastry chefs! The delights of this gourmet counter can be enjoyed at breakfast from 7 am onwards. And, of course, are perfect to take with you. Dedicated followers of fashion will adore its limited edition bags.

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