Sylvestre Wahid, a natural, gourmet cuisine

Chef at the Hotel Thoumieux in Paris, this talented 40 year-old French-Pakistani is the cook that just keeps on climbing... Sylvestre Wahid has gained 2 stars on the Michelin Scale, 2016 edition.

What gave you the idea to take on a career in cuisine?

I have always been fascinated by beautiful products. When I was young, I loved to walk in my grandparents’ gardens and orchards in Pakistan. I moved to France at the age of 9; I worked during the summer holidays in the army kitchens where my father took care of the mess hall. My big jump to haute-cuisine? During my apprenticeship, when I was 15, at the prestigious restaurant of Thierry Marx, the Cheval Blanc (White Horse, 1990-1992) in Nîmes.

What is the philosophy behind your cooking?

Equality and health are my magic words in cooking, which is aimed at the wellbeing of my customers. My dishes emphasise on vegetables and minerals with less sugar and fat content. I do this via steaming or stewing using hot rocks, and also stone-grilling. My cooking is tasty without being heavy, rich without being greasy.

What is your signature dish?

My signature dish is chicken egg / celery with white truffle chaudfroid, using Alba white truffles.

How do you want your customers to feel?

I want my kitchen to be very attentive to my clients. Custom, balanced dishes to meet the demands of international clients, those I want to please above all else. I also want to see and meet my guests.

How important are the seasons in your cooking?

I create dishes closely linked with nature, which use the seasons in the choice of ingredients.

What dishes would you make for someone visiting France for the first time?

I like simple things. I would make them my favourite meal, one that reminds me of my family: the lobster carbonara that I offer at Brasserie Thoumieux.


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