Art Photography studio, The Studio Harcourt in Paris

Studio Harcourt Paris for Photography art

Nestled in the heart of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, Studio Harcourt’s new setting opens its doors for exceptional moments.
From our photos studios to the Café Harcourt, all through the Curiothèque, the Exhibition Hall and the Showroom, Studio Harcourt Paris reveals its hidden treasures and its precious heritage that has been labelled as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company).

Photography as an art. Lighting that has never been matched, a timeless pose, a legend’s signature…

For more than 80 years, movie stars, fashion icons, ambassadors of arts and literature, elite athletes, famous chefs and many others have been captured by it’s well-lit background to enhance their image.
All though its different artistic lines : Prestige Portrait, Instant Portrait, Wedding Portrait, Corporate Portrait, etc.

Studio Harcourt invites you on a wonderful journey where you are the destination. This is a personal moment of beauty and sophistication, but the shot can also be shared as a couple, as a family or between friends so that you can capture life’s most precious memories.

Hosting as an Art. From Café Harcourt to the Curiothèque and beyond.

Studio Harcourt invites you to discover its spaces dedicated to art, to the culture and to original delicacies.
Café Harcourt offers you its never-before-seen and timeless gourmet creations, at any time of day...
The red carpet on the monumental staircase will lead you to the second floor, to discover temporary Exhibitions and the photographic archives of the Curiothèque.
Studio Harcourt, welcomes you for an unforgettable moment !

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