Ryder Cup 2018 Recap with Leah Walker

If you missed the Ryder Cup, have no fear—we've got you covered with a recap of the first ever one held in France (and in mainland Europe!) at le Golf National.

The 42nd Ryder Cup is in the books, with the European team defeating the American team 17.5 to 10.5 at Le Golf National in Guyancourt, just southwest of Paris. Approximately 270,000 people attended one of golf’s most storied and anticipated events.

Though, don’t mistake the Ryder Cup for just any other professional golf tournament. Not only is the playing format drastically different, but so is the atmosphere. Rather than every man for himself, the Ryder Cup is a team concept: Europe vs. USA. Because of this unique playing system, the tournament feels like the World Cup soccer tournament, with team chants and good-natured ribbing from the fans.


Spectators drape themselves in the flags of their nations—Spain, Denmark, Ireland and the United States. There are so many flags that the course looks like like a rowdy United Nations meeting.

Forget the styles seen on Paris Fashion Week. At Le Golf National, suits with the Stars and Strips, as well as the Union Jack, are the style of the season. On the heads are Viking helmets and French green berets made to look like golf greens, complete with flags and golf balls glued on. Costumes abound, with plenty of tiger outfits (an ode to Tiger Woods) and even an Irish Leprechaun or two. It’s all good fun, and watching the spectators is just as amusing as watching the tournament’s matches.


On Sunday, the atmosphere was electric, despite Europe’s most certain victory. Fans from around the world descended to France with a common love of golf. Although it was the first time France held the Ryder Cup, it likely won’t be the last. Hosting this internationally watched golf tournament was just a taste of what sporting events look like in France. Get ready, because the 2024 Summer Olympics will be here before we know it!