Paris's Grand Musée du Parfum

What if you could find your exact perfect scent? Smells that fit just like a glove, perfectly complimenting your personnality - find the answer at the Grand Musée du Parfum! At one of Paris's newest museums, you'll also be able to discover the secrets behind perfume creation and the art du parfum.

On December 16, 2016, the Faubourg Saint Honoré takes the spotlight once more with this high-quality location, completely dedicated to the art of perfume. The schedule of activities offered at the Grand Musée du Parfum certainly looks promising.

History, Sensory Immersion, and the Art of Parfumiers

You'll be immersed in an interactive and innovative journey through the heart of perfume-making. Drawing on the latest technologies (video mapping, olfactory devices, and so on), the museum demonstrates the importance of your sense of smell in daily life, starting with the discovery of the art of perfume and the history of perfume since the Pharaohs of Egypt. The laboratory is astonishing, showing the process of perfume-making from the conception to the realization of fragrances.

Your Olfactory Visitors Guide, Personalized

Thanks to the integration of digital and connected devices, each visitor will enjoy a completely personalized experience, with the aim of defining the range of fragrances connected to his or her unique personality.

With the help of a connected tablet, you'll be able to have your very own custom visitors guide. It will reveal your olfactory preferences between more than sixty different scents to enjoy over the course of your tour. You'll be able to gain a much deeper understanding of the much-underestimated sense of smell.

A veritable ambassador of luxury brands and French art de vivre, perfume is taking up residence at one of Paris's most emblematic locations: a 15,000 square foot hôtel particulier, former location of the Christian Lacroix maison de couture.

Furthermore, the museum is seeking to promote awareness of sustainable development by highlighting the value of perfume plants in its 12,916 square foot garden.


Grand Musée du Parfum

73, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré

75008 Paris


73, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris