Guy Savoy's Restaurant at the Monnaie de Paris

In May 2015, the 3-star chef Guy Savoy moved his Parisian restaurant from the 17th arrondissement to one of the most beautiful monuments of the capital: the Monnaie de Paris.

Founded in 864 (you read that correctly!), the Monnaie de Paris is the oldest of French institutions and the oldest business in the world. Since 2011, the establishment has been renovating its space better showcase its architectural beauty.

Nothing more needed to be said to convince Guy Savoy to move there: he promotes the same values as the Monnaie de Paris in terms of savoir-faire, sustainable development, the sharing of heritage, and the teaching of senses and excellence.

A magnificent view of Paris

On the first floor of the building, completely renovated by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the restaurant welcomes up to 60 guests to taste the best of French gastronomy. Revel in the famous artichoke soup with black truffles, or perhaps the grilled scaled bar with sweet spices accompanied with black trumpet mushrooms.

Once there, a monumental central staircase leads to the restaurant’s entrance where the famous quote by Guy Savoy is written in neon red lights: “la cuisine est l’art de transformer instantanément en joie des produits chargés d’histoire” (cooking is the art of instantly transforming historical products into happiness).

Fill your taste buds with delight! Feast your eyes, too; discover one of the best views of the capital.

A full view of the Ile de la Cité

The Louvre, the Institut de France, the Pont-Neuf and Pont des Arts: admire the historical side of Paris through the 11 large lounge windows, sober and minimalist in style, furnished with shades of grey.

As for the atmosphere, Guy Savoy strives to keep the friendliness and warmth from his former establishment on rue Troyon alive.

Best in the World

Guy Savoy's establishment was officially named the Best Restaurant in the World by the 2017 edition of La Liste.


Restaurant Guy Savoy
Monnaie de Paris
11 Quai de Conti
75006 Paris


11 Quai de Conti, 75006 Paris