Disneyland® Paris

Disneyland Paris : Experience the adrenaline and magic

Around the world, Disneyland is known for being the place where dreams become reality. Disneyland Paris is no exception to the rule. For children and adults alike, experience the magic ... and about thirty minutes from Paris, the City of Light.

Located in Marne-la-vallée (east of Paris, Ile de France), Disney has established its European showcase. This is the kingdom of Mickey and his friends, who rule this area unchallenged over 22 km2! A timeless space dedicated to happiness amid thrills.

Disneyland Paris is 2 separate parks: on the one hand, the amusement park (Disneyland Park) has over 50 rides and attractions, as well as performances and parades.

The other park, is called the Walt Disney Studios Park, consisting of cinemas.

In addition there is Disney Village mainly devoted to shopping and dining.

Your first steps

You will first arrive at Main Street USA, the primary street in the park. The imprint "made in USA" sticks to your feet, between shops and restaurants, where you can enjoy the smells of hamburgers and hot dogs.

This main artery in this Victorian style town, you can reach the four corners of the area thanks to a little train that leaves a vintage station.

Let's go for an adventure ...

The adventure will take you through five incredible lands: the pirate-infested waters of Adventureland® to the Wild West of Frontierland®. Visitors are invited to visit the mining town of Thunder Mesa, or can pretend to be Indiana Jones during his dangerous adventures.

At Adventure land, an exotic adventure will take you into a bazaar inspired by "The Thousand and One Nights" or Arabian legends such as Aladdin and Scheherazade, populate the streets of the souk.

One of the most famous attractions, the Pirates of the Caribbean, invites you to experience thrills ... of the aquatic kind. Exploring the lagoon on rough waters, you will get to see pirates in search of treasure.


Then come to the land of fairy tales, FantasyLand, where you can find the famous castle of Sleeping Beauty.

Compared to other Disneyland parks in the world, the Paris castle is unique in that visitors can explore it: take the underground routes and the drawbridge over the moat, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

Fantasyland is also the place where Disney characters meet you at the foot of the castle. Above all, do not forget your phone for a selfie with Goofy, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Daisy!

Discoveryland ... for the most famous attractions.

You're guaranteed a thrill at Space Mountain Mission 2! This attraction is a tribute to the French writer Jules Verne, the greatest visionary of the nineteenth century.

You will be immersed in adventures that make up the fabric of the famous science fiction novel "From the Earth to the Moon": where a human being is catapulted to the moon in a hollow missile...

A technological marvel, the Columbiad cannon 36 m high propels you at lightning speed (70 km/h reached in 1.8 seconds) in clouds of steam with fast and scary music in the background.
Thrill seekers, brace yourself! You're in deep space!


Disneyland Paris, 77777 MARNE-LA-VALLEE