Our 10 favorite places around Albi

In the heart of Occitanie, the region around Albi has it all! Everything ... and above all a great sense of hospitality and delicious gastronomy. Hotels amidst vineyards, warm guest rooms, lovely tables ... Enjoy our selection of addresses in the Tarn.

The Castle of Salettes: in the heart of the vineyards of Cahuzac-sur-Vère

Dream rooms in a dream setting: this is what offers us the Castle of Salettes, former property of the Toulouse-Lautrec family. The pool overlooks the magnificent vineyards of Gaillac, the wine from here. We understand at a glance why the region is nicknamed "little French Tuscany" ... There is also a spa and a gastronomic table. In short, a little paradise out of time!
The Castle of Salettes (External link)

Louis: the taste of authenticity in Burlats

At the doors of Sidobre, here is an address that is worth the detour. On the plates: seasonality, simplicity and inventiveness. Notice to lovers of good local products. In fine weather, it is very pleasant to have lunch on the terrace.
Restaurant Louis (External link)

The Logis des Pères: a trip back in time to Sorèze

What an honor to sleep in the walls of the Abbey School of Sorèze! Simple and authentic, the rooms have kept the soul of the place, with a small desk that echoes the past. Only the sound of the bell breaks the beautiful religious silence that reigns here. Through the window you can see the pretty courtyard of the Reds or the large park.

L’Abbaye École de Sorèze (External link)

The Alchimy: a comfortable pied à terre in Albi

This is the ideal location: here we are close to the famous episcopal city of Albi, between the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace, now the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum. The rooms of the Alchimy offer impeccable comfort and the restaurant serves, from morning to evening, good dishes with fresh and seasonal products. A good all-in-one address.
L’Alchimy (External link)

The covered market of Albi: to the happiness of the flavors

This is the place not to miss to get all the good specialties of the area. On the stalls of the charcuterie Millas, we find the bougnette (stuffing with pork, egg and bread wrapped in a pork strainer and fried), the melsat (a kind of tarnaise white pudding) and the famous Lacaune ham. In the early season, we also find the famous pink garlic Lautrec. It ends with sweet at the baker, crunching in a scalded, one of the oldest biscuits in France. Saturday is market day, with some 200 merchants outside.
Marché couvert d’Albi (External link)

Julia's house: a cocoon in Albi

Charming and resolutely modern rooms, swimming pool in a delightful garden ... At this former nurse turned pastry chef, we are in clover. In fine weather, set in the pleasant outdoor courtyard, you will enjoy its fabulous sweet breakfast. Madeleines, cakes, jams, orange juice, yogurt ... Almost everything is homemade. A real cocoon.
La Maison de Julia (External link)

The potteries of Albi: behind the scenes of the know-how

It is one of the last potteries of France! Hard, hard to choose among all the beautiful pottery store, open all year, from Monday to Saturday. Workshops can be visited during the European Days of Crafts and Heritage Days.
Les Poteries d’Albi (External link)

The rooms of the Caussade: a warm welcome with the greatest care in Lautrec

No sooner have we passed the door of Brigitte's house than one already feels at home. Or maybe even better than at home, because Brigitte has a big heart! Upstairs, there is absolute calm in the rooms, adorable. All equipped with a bathroom, they overlook the small cobbled streets of Lautrec. Our hostess also offers the cutlery, nothing fancy: ask him to prepare the famous soup with pink garlic Lautrec, the specialty here ... A delight! In the morning, breakfast of homemade jams, cheese, croissants, fresh bread, eggs...
Les Chambres de la Caussade (External link)

Le Lautrec: make way to traditions in Albi

Welcome to the old stables of the family of the most famous painter of the city, the denominated Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec! We are served here typical Albigensian specialties, such as cassoulet cod or melsat, a kind of white pudding.
Restaurant Le Lautrec (External link)

The Hostellerie du Vieux Cordes: the address for sunny days in Cordes-sur-Ciel

We spend a very pleasant moment under the wisteria of the inner courtyard with, on the menu, small dishes of an effective simplicity.
L’Hostellerie du Vieux Cordes (External link)

Albi and its surroundings