Languedoc: a week in which you get to play the action hero

You could have simply rented a house with a pool in a little Languedoc village. Gone shopping at the market. Enjoyed the slow pace of life in the South of France. Yes, you could easily have done that. But that's not the path you've chosen to take…

On Monday go canoeing down the Gardon

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Gliding along in the sunlight, in the deep rocky silence of the Gardon Gorges. The summer light bouncing off the crystal-clear waters of the river, while the sheer cliffs tower above you to either side. And soon you'll pass under the thousand-year-old arches of the Pont du Gard. Simply unforgettable.

On Tuesday, go rambling through the Tarn Gorges

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A winding path along the clifftops. Troglodyte hamlets. Below you is the lush canyon. You'll definitely want to take a dip once your journey is done, in the river that flows through it.

On Wednesday journey back in time

You're still in the Tarn Gorges, but in Sainte-Enimie, one of the most beautiful villages in France, hot on the heels of a 7th century Merovingian princess.

On Thursday, take to the skies over Espiguette Beach

Get those sails out! It's time to meet the wind and the waves for an introduction to windsurfding on this immense Mediterranean beach that stretches out as far as the eye can see.

On Friday, head to the vineyards

It's time to meet the men and women who work France's oldest vineyards, and discover the varied wines of Languedoc-Roussillon, right there where they grow. A moment not to be missed.

On Saturday, take to the torrents

Toboggans, abseiling, jumps of between 1 and 9m, swimming against the current, waterfalls. Near Perpignan, there are also canoeing trips for all ages, from a family outing to a real sports workout.

On Sunday, waterski on the Garonne

Just think – you could be ambling through the streets of Toulouse or strolling calmly along the banks of the Garonne like everyone else. But that would be far too easy! Instead you'll put on your waterskis and race under the Pont-Neuf.

Getting to Perpignan