Discover another side of Toulouse with Enflammée

There's more to Toulouse than the pink color of its bricks, airplanes and rugby players. Chantal, who calls herself "Enflammée",Madame Firebrand, takes us on a tour of her city.

Learn a little Occitan

The cafébar “La Topina” is run by an Occitan association located in the courtyard of the Maison de l’Occitanie. I love going there to soak up the atmosphere there and speak a few words of Occitan over a drink. A la vòstra! (External link)

A locavore dinner in a Japanese tea shop

Le Solaneko is my go to Japanese eatery. It is a place where you will always greeted with a smile, no matter how crowded it gets. The menu offers local and seasonal products, cooked in a Japanese-style.
9 rue Réclusane

Taste the delicacy with a rich history

The 'fénétra' is a cake that is thought to date from the Roman Empire – It is an apricot and candied lemon tart, covered with macaroon pastry. Funnily enough, it was tourists who taught me about this delicacy!
Régals, 25 rue du Taur

Ordering a typical English dessert

Banoffee = sugar crust pastry + dulche de leche + whipped cream. This English dessert has become a locals' favourite !
Where to find it, Everywhere! You can't miss it!

Exploring the Toulouse of yesteryear, in a fast food joint…

Culture sometimes pops up where you least expect it! On every floor of this fast food joint, you can see large reproductions of images by Jean Dieuzaide, a Toulouse photographer and a contemporary of Doisneau.
10 place Esquirol. Free entrance...

Picnicking in the city centre

Prepare your basket and don't forget a blanket to lie down on the grass. The peaceful Embarthe gardens are the city's best kept secret, and an ideal place for picnics.
15 rue d’Embarthe

Ready for more?

  • The Théâtre Garonne, where you can admire the Garonne river from the terrace as well as enjoying unique shows every night. Head to 1 avenue du Château d’eau.
  • To scout out some local design objects, browse through the Böw Boutique at 33 rue des Couteliers
  • On place du Capitole, a former bank has been transformed into a contemporary art centre. Free access.
  • On Sunday, don't miss the market on place Saint-Aubin – especially the organic farmers to the right of the church.

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Getting to Toulouse