What’s better than standing upon a mountain peak, to experience nature in all its grandeur? Paragliding around the mountain, of course. Enjoying an aerial view like birds soaring through clouds, this is certainly an experience you will never forget.

Every year, more and more people flock to the mountains, to enjoy a magical experience of paragliding from mountain top to the valley below, without the cramped seats and bad airline food. Flying as it was intended, feeling the wind and sun on their face as they gaze at the majestic views below. For those wishing to get out there and fly solo, all that is required is going to the Paragliding School at the mountain station, followed by a few flights accompanied by an instructor. After you have received your training, you’re all set to spread your wings and fly. And for those who search for an easier experience, without attending any training, sign up for a tandem flight. This option allows you to fly carefree, without the need to pay attention to the glider. Just sit back and let your pilot do all the work.

Another great option is to take an Ultralight flight. These lightweight machines have engines that will propel you to greater heights, rising above the mountains, for the best views possible. Your pilot will take you on a tour of the summits that would be otherwise impossible to enjoy. In summer and winter, paragliding and Ultralight flights will create memories that will last a lifetime, and leave you wanting to go back again and again.