Via Ferrata

Originally created in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy to assist the troops in WWI, via ferratas now serve as a means for even the novice hiker to experience heights that would otherwise be impossible, without extensive training and expensive climbing gear. Mountain routes are equipped with ladders, stemples (iron rungs), cables and bridges, allowing hikers to navigate rocky terrain, and ascend to summits, affording beautiful panoramic views. One can experience gorgeous waterfalls, serene mountain streams, as well as breath-taking views of the pristine valleys below.

Though a little physical effort is required, there are several levels of difficulty to choose from, allowing you and your family to find the perfect route. The via ferratas are ranked from an F (ideal for children), to ED (very difficult), with AD (moderate difficulty) being the hardest level recommended for beginners. Everything you need can be rented from the local mountain station, and if you prefer, you can also arrange for a guide to lead your expedition. After a little preparation, you and your family will be ready for an unforgettable experience, which you will not soon forget.