8 inspiring experiences in Lille in 2018

Lille 3000: exhibitions, events, workshops, street art tours... Welcome to the city in constant cultural flux.

Culture is arriving on platform 1

From exhibitions in the city garden to a bite in the bistro, you could spend all day in this old railway station. Which is probably exactly what you’ll end up doing.

Beat the winter blues with art.

From 15 to 18 February 2018, stay warm with the gallery owners and publishers at the 11th ART UP show in the Grand Palais.

A secret encounter

Today, your phone will stay off. You have an appointment with Rodin’s Fellen angel and Antoine Bourdelle’s Penelope in the Palais des Beaux Arts.

Generation Make

What if you went home today with a fresh talent, a whole new skill? The Kréatif club in Atelier Kumo is where you'll pick up your most original holiday souvenir.

A bargain hunters paradise

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In early September, Lille is home to miles of stalls as Europe’s biggest jumble sale gets underway. You might get lost, but you’ll definitely dig out a rare vinyl, antique dinner set, or a fabulous vintage coat.

See the city in a different light

Wide eyes and busy legs... The Renart collective reveals the city’s street art and architecture. You’ve never toured a city like this.

Contemporary garden

The journey is part of the fun as in order to discover the 4500 masterpieces on show at the LaM (Lille Modern Art Museum), you have to leave the city centre and cross a vast park filled with sculptures.

Art and the open air

25 old rural buildings saved from demolition. And amongst them, workshops, concerts, and tastings... Out-of-the-ordinary afternoons at the Open Air Museum.

Getting to Lille