When the Normans give us their little secrets...

Normandy is well known for the legendary island of Mont-Saint-Michel, the boardwalk of Deauville, the Bayeux Tapestry and the landing beaches – but it’s also full of secret and extraordinary sites, off the beaten track and brimming with charm. The experts of Normandy Tourism are delighted to share their favourite secret places with you…

Take a ferry from Heurteauville

For Laetitia of Normandy Tourism’s team, "taking the ‘bac’ as we call the ferry, is a lovely experience that’s far from ordinary, everyone should try it at least once”. A short cruise takes you from Heurteauville to Jumièges. Enjoy the journey and then visit the imposing ruins of the 11th century Jumièges Abbey.
Bac d'Heurteauville (External link) (French only)
Abbaye de Jumièges (External link) (French only)

See the sun rise in Cabourg

Solène at Cabourg tourist office, loves to witness the sunrise of Cabourg. She says, "at this time of the morning there is a unique atmosphere, the only sounds you will hear are the waves lapping the sand and horses cantering along the beach." Followed by breakfast at the Grand Hôtel de Cabourg, it’s a superb way to start the day!

Grand hotel Cabourg (External link)

Time stands still in Chausey

To truly appreciate the timeless charms of the island of Chausey, you should spend the night there. On your journey from Granville, you may be accompanied by bottlenose dolphins or local seabirds, the noisy gannets. "It’s a trip that offers a real taste of the past" says Delphine from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Normandy.
Chausey Islands (External link)

Discover Port-en-Bessin-Huppain

Laetitia from Normandy Tourism reveals "Watching the day’s fishing catch being landed is an experience in itself”. At the Leopold Sedar Senghor cultural centre, in Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, discover the atmosphere of the fish auction, as well as enjoying the impressive flora and fauna of the seaside. A must visit for those who love the flavours of the marine world!
Leopold Sedar Senghor Centre (External link) (French only)

Swimming in the docks at Le Havre

The Bains des Docks complex in Le Havre has something for everyone. There’s a gym, play areas and massage therapy plus an Olympic-size open-air swimming pool which is open all year round, even in winter. For Clérine from the tourist office of Le Havre, the best thing is: "to swim at night under the stars."
Les Bains des Docks swimming pool complex (External link) (French only)

Cool off in Mortain-Bocage

The spectacular waterfalls of La Grande Cascade at Mortain-Bocage are the highest in western France! Exceptional flora and fauna grow all year round, but for Laetitia from Normandy Tourism, the rhododendrons that bloom in May and June really showcase the beautiful charm of this area: “a mountain landscape in the heart of the Normandy”.
La Grande Cascade (External link)

The seashore from the Seine

A cruise is the best way to see the limestone slopes and landscape traced by the Seine. It’s a trip that will thrill nature lovers. Christophe, at the Agency of Tourist Development of the Eure, says the diversity of scenery is incredible, "there are parts of the river where you could almost believe you’re in the Amazon basin”.
Seine Liberte Cruise (External link)

Relax at a spa

Apple fans should visit Auge in the heart of Normandy and head to Spom Spa. This wellness centre is dedicated to the benefits of apple-based treatments from massages to wraps and scrubs. Véronique, from the tourist office of the Pays de l’Orbiquet, says "if the weather is nice, the massage takes place outside”, a sensory experience as you relax under the shade of apple trees!
Spa Spom (External link)

Aim high in Carteret

Visit the lighthouse of Carteret and admire the sunset from the top. It’s open at night for just a few days each year, "it’s a truly exceptional view" enthuses Justine, from the Côte des Îles tourist office.
Carteret Lighthouse (External link)

Relish real Camembert

At La Héronnière, 2 kms from the village of Camembert, discover the Durand cheese factory and its local produce. For Karin from the tourist office of the Valleys of Auge and Merlerault, it is also a great opportunity to "see real Norman cows!"
Fromagerie Durand (External link)