The Magnifik Parade in Le Havre

Once in a while, summer comes early to Normandy. On 27 May Le Havre kicked off a summer season packed with festivities, creativity, music, exhibitions, and performances to celebrate its 500-year anniversary. So come with us and get lost in the Magnifik Parade du Havre!

Magnifik Parade! Eye-catching, larger-than-life characters tell you the stories behind Le Havre’s most iconic locations.

Preparation began as soon as breakfast was over...

…and it took us almost 10 hours, with help from hairdressing and fashion students from local colleges.

Designed by Fanny Bouyagui, the costumes tell the story of the city’s unique architecture.

A parade of Pop Art Pierrots and Harlequins marches to the beat of the drums.

A Glam Punk tribute to the architect Auguste Perret and his Saint-Joseph’s Church

The Magnifik Parade goes on, along the tramlines… Next stop: the beach!

At the end of the parade we found the sea, music, and a hint of summer.

Un été au Havre (Summer in Le Havre) runs until 8 October 2017. See you there?

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