Love is in the air in Normandy this summer!

Lovers of poetry, fantasy, nature, fresh air, flavours and cheerfulness – basically, lovers in general – should read up on our suggestions in the Orne, Normandy, just two hours from Paris. Here are four spots that’ll make you want to say ‘I love you’ in the sunshine…

Take the key to the fields at La Lochetière

The Domaine de la Lochetière has just opened three guest rooms in the outbuildings of an 18th-century farm. A new-generation country spot redesigned and bathed in light at the edge of the Perche forest. The owner, who likes to delight his guests, serves gourmet breakfasts with brioches, cakes and homemade yoghurt, and eggs from the chickens wandering in the vast parkland. In the evening, after a cocktail enjoyed in the shade of the ancient trees, guests enjoy seasonal bistro cuisine. A delicious place for a runaway just 90 minutes from Paris!
Domaine de la Lochetière (External link)

Stroll through the Gardens of Montperthuis

This paradise garden has a divine setting, drawing all the benefits of nature’s exuberance at its source. What better inspiration for lovers? Wander through the greenery, along paths planted with oaks, and experience new scents in the rose garden bursting with 300 ancient varieties. Daydream near the waterfall and get lost in the secret garden between the peonies and magnolias. The 15th/16th-century manor house is also splendidly presented. No time to lose: explore this green island, hand in hand.
Les Jardins du Montperthuis (External link)

Savour the flavours at Les Pieds dans l’Eau

Restaurant Les Pieds dans l’Eau is constantly reinventing itself to seduce discerning foodies. Gaspard Noury, its 23-year-old chef, and his partner Méline recently took over this house at the edge of the water in Saint-Langis-lès-Mortagne. Having trained in the kitchens of Alain Ducasse’s gourmet restaurant, Noury serves a refined but hearty cuisine with finesse, staying faithful to the terroir. Expect a new take on herring and potatoes, scallops, fennel and butternut, and a divine pear dessert with mulled wine, shortbread and vanilla. Watch out: when Epicure gets involved, Cupid’s never far away!
Restaurant Les Pieds dans l’eau (External link)

Orne, Normandy