Ponant cruise, Making waves French style

Extraordinary adventure awaits onboard Ponant’s newest luxury polar vessel le Commandant Charcot,named in honour of one of France’s first Polar explorers.

World leader of luxury expeditions, Ponant has built its reputation upon venturing to some of the planet’s remotest parts in unrivalled luxury. When Le Commandant Charcot, the world’s first LNG-powered hybrid-electric luxury polar vessel reached the geographic North Pole at 6:38pm AEST on Tuesday 7 September, it was no exception. It was the first time a French vessel had reached the North Pole (90,00,000°), paving the way for some of the greatest polar adventures available to travellers.

The ship bears the name of skilled French sportsman, rugby player, Olympic medallist and exceptional sailor Jean Baptiste Charcot. From as early as 1902, Charcot crossed the Arctic Circle, and embarked on a series of explorations to locations such as Greenland and Antarctica.

Unlike Charcot, today’s travellers don’t have to compromise a single creature comfort to observe wild expanses from exciting perspectives. Onboard delights include meals by award-winning chefs, warm and elegant designer cabins and suites by renowned architects Jean-Philippe Nuel and Wilmotte & Associes (External link) , pampering at the sauna and snow room, and bespoke cooking classes.

Wonders of the geographic North Pole, remote Antarctic locations such as Charcot or Peter Islands, the Ross Sea, and even the Bellingshausen Sea are places of immense possibility aboard Ponant’s Le Commandant Charcot.

Ponant cuisine's experience on board Copyright CHAMPLAIN
Ponant cuisine's experience on board Copyright CHAMPLAIN

Immersive aventure ahead with le Ponant

Kayak expedition -Ponant©Studio-Nicolas Dubreuil-NIK04017
Kayak expedition -Ponant©Studio-Nicolas Dubreuil-NIK04017

A signature of Ponant is its intimate ships, accommodating no more than 270 guests in elegant suites and staterooms. Extraordinary experiences abound, and Le Commandant Charcot will be no exception. Spectacular mountainous landscapes, imposing icebergs, exceptional marine wildlife and even expansive penguin colonies will be on show to the ship’s 270 guests. Adventurers who love striding out of their comfort zones during outings and shore visits will be spoiled for choice, with abundant adventures accessible via Zodiac expedition boats. Take a ride on a dog sled. View icy landscapes from a tethered hot air balloon. Try polar diving. Or, take a kayak for a paddle. Keen fishers can drop a line in the ice.

Exclusive Itinaries with Le Ponant

Ponant’s new Arctic voyage is the latest in a series of impeccably compiled itineraries by the small-ship expert, to over 100 countries and 400 ports in all five continents. As the world’s only cruise company operating under the French flag, Ponant offers small-ship voyages to the earth’s most incredible places. New itineraries include the geographic North Pole and the Ross Sea cruises, which take guests to some of the world’s last marine sanctuaries. The Bellingshausen Sea Emperor Penguin voyage takes you 450km from the Antarctic coastlines.

Nature in Antartica Copyright Ponant
Nature in Antartica Copyright Ponant

Where technology and sustainability meet

Le Commandant Charcot’s environmental credentials reflect Ponant’s laser-focused commitment to sustainable, responsible tourism. A powerful combination of technologies (think energy optimisation system, Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)-powered engines and advanced wastewater treatment systems) minimise fine particle emissions and fuel consumption, and its certifications exceed environment regulations.

Ponant Cabin
Experience the most extreme polar regions in total luxury on board Le Commandant Charcot (photo © Studio Jean-Philippe Nuel).

Further Information
au.ponant.com (External link)

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