208 km - 25 JULY 2019
“Ecrins National Park: a natural treasure and haven of biodiversity”

With 150 peaks over 3000m and 10,000 hectares of glaciers, the Ecrins National Park is a pristine high-mountain environment. Valleys, alpine meadows, and precipitous plateaus create a sumptuous landscape whose wild beauty is accessible to both novice hikers and seasoned alpinists alike.
Lying within a triangle formed by Briançon to the northeast, Gap to the south, and Le Bourg d’Oisan to the northwest, the Ecrins National Park contains almost 700km of accessible footpaths to explore its amazing natural heritage, which includes five Natura 2000 certified sites.


An intimate encounter with the summit of gourmet dining

An hour from Embrun, in his restaurant perched at 2000m in Europe’s highest inhabited town, Sébastien Nouveau draws inspiration from nature, mountains and woodland, as well as his Catalan roots. It’s an opportunity for an unforgettable gourmet experience that combines seafood and mountain produce.


Out to (alpine) pasture

In summer, alpine meadows are used as grazing for cattle. The cattle move to the new pastures in June, accompanied by festivals in the villages of Maurienne when the herds head to the uplands, and again when they return in autumn. It’s an adventure that’s sure to delight any passing visitors!


Climb high with the via ferrata in Briançon

A cross between hiking and climbing rock faces, these fully-equipped routes provide access to sometimes inaccessible, unique viewpoints. These airy outings can be undertaken alone or with a mountain guide.


The priest of Valloire’s bike

Valloire’s most famous cyclist is doubtless still the parish priest of 1922. During that year’s Tour de France, he loaned his bike to Eugène Christophe who had broken his own fork descending from the pass. And it was this borrowed bike that would take him all the way to Geneva.


Queyras from the skies

Take off into the skies above Queyras Regional Park for a unique experience that combines adrenaline and amazing views of the valleys of the Hautes-Alpes. Ready for your maiden flight? Stop by Ceillac, a place known for its great thermals!