Magimix: Built Better to Last Longer

It was in France, in the heart of Burgundy, a region noted for its gastronomy, that Magimix invented the food processor 50 years ago.

For those who embrace technology: Cook Expert

Perfect for those who need to cook every night, this multifunctional cooking food processor can replace up to 15 kitchen appliances, cooking meals from starters to desserts in minutes. It can whisk, steam, blend, mix and make dough. Its food processor attachment also allows you to slice, grate, mince, chop and do anything a full food processor can.
Set it and forget it – you will be able to create a wide range of dishes quickly and easily from soups, stews, risottos and purees to breads, cakes and frozen desserts at a push of a button with 13 automatic programs. Its manual Expert function can also put you in full control over time, speed and temperature, enabling you to use the recipes you know and loves, minus the legwork.