167 km - 17 JULY 2019
“Machines steal the show!”

Opened in 2018 in Montaudran, the neighbourhood of Toulouse famous for its aerodrome, the Halle de la Machine serves as a stable for La Machine’s street carnival machines. A true open laboratory, the Halle invites you on a journey where you can get up close and personal with these uniquely poetic pieces. It is a spectacular, dreamlike world that will delight kids and adults alike.


Ma biche sur le toit

The twice Michelin-starred chef from Toulouse is now performing his culinary arts on the rooftop of the Galeries Lafayette department store, not in Paris, but in Toulouse! In addition to the unbeatable views of the Capitole de Toulouse, there’s also the menu that revisits regional classics. Jamon Iberica, duck confit, and churros can all be enjoyed in this lively setting.


Visit prehistory in the Caves of Gargas

Lying 1 hour and 20 minutes from Toulouse, there’s nothing like the Caves of Gargas anywhere else. Decorated with Cro-Magnon wall paintings of animals, they also contain more than 200 negative hand paintings whose true meaning is still a mystery to prehistorians.


On the Camino(s) de Santiago

Not far from Toulouse, there are three routes for walkers looking to stride along this historic trail... The Puy Way, The Arles Way, which crosses Toulouse, and The Piemont Way. On foot, horseback, or by bike, alone or with a guide, you are guaranteed a unique experience in a breathtaking setting.


Toulouse 2008, the Cavendish relevation!

Crossing the finish line after the sprint, with one finger pointing to the heavens, Britain’s Mark Cavendish won the eighth stage of the Tour de France between Figeac and Toulouse on Saturday 12 July 2008. The cyclist from the Isle of Man would go on to amass over thirty wins in the Grande Boucle.


142m underground

A 35 minute drive north from Toulouse, Castéla’s underground galleries lie beneath the ruins of a castle. Dating from the Middle Ages, they served as refuge for the populace in times of danger. 142m long, this unique site is made up of many different rooms, and remains one of the finest and best preserved examples of Medieval construction.