Rest Nîmes
“In search of the Volques Treasures”

While France is home to almost 1000 Roman arenas, those in Nimes are particularly well-preserved. A masterpiece of Roman architecture dating back to the end of the 1st century AD, it’s still buzzing today! Try to find Nemaus, the Volques Treasure in the escape game. Magical!

And for music lovers, every year the Nimes Festival transforms the arena into stages for open-air pop and rock performances!


Pierre Gagnaire at Imperator

After several months of refurbishment, the Imperator is reopening its doors and employing the services of the great Pierre Gagnaire with his creative, unusual, and gourmet cuisine.


A temple to the granddaughter of Emperor Augustus

A unique attraction, the Maison Carrée is the world’s only fully preserved ancient temple. It owes its longevity to uninterrupted use since the 11th century. Stables, apartments, church, prefecture, and cinema, with the film "Nemausus, la naissance de Nîmes”.
Around the site you can also visit the arenas, the Museum Romanité, and the Carré d’Art... before settling down to relax in the Place du Marché!


A paradise for birds south of Nimes

The Mediterranean on one side and canals on the other: welcome to the Camargue! Along the waterways, breathtaking landscapes slip by with their amazing natural heritage. Here, wild bulls mix with the famous Camargue horses, and more than 280 species of birds.
Pick up a souvenir: fleur de sel and black rice.


Nimes, 1950: you’re going the wrong way!

One legend of the Tour de France concerns Abdel-Kader Zaaf, who set off in the wrong direction after a fall. It is said that he accepted a bottle of wine offered by the spectators. In actual fact, less natural products impeded the sense of direction of this Tour de France straggler.


Viva la feria!

Since 1952, the Pentecost weekend has signalled the start of feria in Nimes!
6 days of fiesta including bullfights and bull running, before dancing Flamenco come nightfall in the city’s bodegas.
And then it all begins again for the grape harvest festival.