Let's visit Paris museums: in 3D!

Do the kids want to travel to France without leaving the living room? It couldn't be easier! Delve into the history of evolution with (or without) virtual reality headsets and create 3D sculptures at Paris Museums. You're never too young to have a "made in France" hobby.

Journey into the heart of evolution at the National Museum of Natural History

Got an urge to discover the tree of life? While waiting to visit the National Museum of Natural History in Paris and its large Gallery of Evolution for real, kids can download the virtual reality application "Voyage au coeur de l'évolution" (with virtual reality headset), available both in French and English.

This experience allows visitors to discover 450 incredible living species and to question the relationship between them as well as the relative place of humankind. This project is the result of two years of work between the scientists of the Museum and the Orange Labs.

And if the kids want to play oceanographers, let's dive into the deep with the Nautile, the submarine from the Ifremer!

Journey into the heart of evolution (External link)

Manipulating 3D sculptures at Paris Museums

There is no age limit to have a sculptor’s soul! With the Sketchfab platform, the 14 museums and sites of the city of Paris, from the Museum of Romantic Life to the Petit Palais, allow visitors to play with 26 masterpieces of digitized sculpture in 3D. Then, you can visit 13 of these 360° locations in place accompanied by mascots (in French) thanks to the museosphère site. Ideal for families or children from 10 years old up!

Plateforme Sketchfab (External link)
Museosphère (External link)