3 unusual audio escapes for lockdown

Confinement boredom starting to set in? Now’s the time for some audio escapism by way of three original soundtracks. Animals, waves and musical instruments will transport you and your family outside of your four walls and have you planning your next adventure…

Make friends with the ‘Great Animal Orchestra’

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En 2016, la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain présentait l’exposition « Le Grand Orchestre des animaux », inspirée par l’œuvre du musicien et bioacousticien américain Bernie Krause. Créé à cette occasion, le site internet « Le Grand Orchestre des Animaux », dédié à l’œuvre de Bernie Krause, vous invite à devenir à votre tour le chef d’orchestre du vaste ensemble musical de la nature. (Lien en bio). . In 2016, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presented the exhibition The Great Animal Orchestra, inspired by the work of American musician and bio-acoustician Bernie Krause. The website "The Great Animal Orchestra," conceived for the exhibition and dedicated to the work of Bernie Krause, allows you to become the conductor of nature’s vast musical ensemble. (Link in bio). . #TheGreatAnimalOrchestra #LeGrandOrchestredesAnimaux #BernieKrause @wildsanctuary #wildsanctuary #FondationCartier #soundart #soundofnature #biodiversity #bioacoustics

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The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art is offering seven extracts from soundscapes from the installation ‘Le Grand Orchestre des Animaux’. The hammering of woodpeckers at 2,000 metres, the percussive barking of baboons and exchanges between packs of wolves... open your ears and be inspired by the acoustic harmony of nature.

Take a dive with the National Maritime Museum

Thirsty for sea air? Embark on a journey with ‘L’Ecume des Notes’. Every week, the National Maritime Museum is sharing a soundtrack inspired by an aquatic theme. The first one heads straight into the strange underwater world. Enjoy the psychedelic rhythms of electro group Air and the synth-pop of Flavien Berger. Perfect for falling asleep to.

Santana ~ Aqua Marine (External link)

Bring a Symphony Orchestra into your living room

For a happy wake-up, there’s nothing like a good tune. While waiting to perform their next concert at the Loire Valley’s Fabrique Opéra, the Unexpected Symphony Orchestra has delivered an ‘at home’ version of “Qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour être heureux?” (“What are you waiting for to make you happy?”), an irresistible French song from 1938. Then continue with the Frappés du Sol pop-up choir performing Jacques Higelin’s “Champagne” – any excuse to crack open a bottle!

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Champagne (J. Higelin) - De Lune et d'Ombre 2020 (External link)