Your travel trends in France

Soft mobility, slow tourism, eco-responsible accommodation, technological innovations... The major travel trends of tomorrow are already available. gives you a few tips on how to prepare your next trip to France with a head start...

Eco-responsible sleeping

Low-energy hotels are becoming increasingly popular, as they are designed with natural materials, recycle water, are supplied through short circuits, and are heated with solar panels. Quickly, head for the Alps, to stay at the bioclimatic La Croix de Savoie hotel in Les Carroz, or the luxurious Refuge de la Traye in Méribel, close to nature. If you prefer to sleep in a tree, with a view of Mont Blanc as a bonus, the perched cabins Entre Ciel et Terre in Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle are for you. Why not an eco-bivouac above Lake Annecy? This alti-dome, with its panoramic roof, will give you a rendez-vous with the stars.

La Croix de Savoie bioclimatic hotel (External link)
Refuge de la Traye (External link)
Cabanes Entre Ciel et Terre (External link)
Alpes bivouac (External link)

Slow tourism is the way to go

If there is one trend that is being confirmed, it is that of sustainable tourism, to respect the environment and avoid overcrowding. In this vein, farm holidays are ideal for getting into the rhythm of nature while sharing the daily life of farmers. You will love the guest rooms at the Ferme du Grand Parc, nestled in the bocage of Calvados, and the Bergerie de la Combe à l'Ours surrounded by the fir trees of the Jura. Another activity in tune with nature is hiking. The choice is vast in spring or summer, you can go to the Auvergne volcanoes, or climb the fragrant paths of the Alps with their grandiose panorama...

La Ferme du Grand Parc (External link)

We opt for soft mobility

The trend is to favour soft, low-tech, low-carbon transport. Did you say bicycle? It's the right answer! Cycling enthusiasts in France are well catered for. In addition to the bicycle paths that are multiplying in cities, major routes are being designed to cross the country. For example, the ViaRhona, which links Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean in 815 km of cycle paths. And from next year, you will be able to cycle from Dunkirk to Roscoff, for 1,500 kilometres, almost all of it by the sea! Let's get motivated.

ViaRhona (External link)

Get inspired from your sofa

The "gamification" is very popular, to virtually immerse oneself in a city or a museum or to discover a site through play, in augmented reality. The various technologies used (360° immersion, timelapse, 3D, etc.) allow visitors to visit France's heritage in a different way, from the comfort of their sofa. The streets of Rennes in the Middle Ages, the relief sculptures in 14 museums and sites in the city of Paris, the Palace of Versailles in those days, the Lascaux cave as if you were there... Before discovering them for real!

To become a great explorer, connected treasure hunts are being organised in several large cities, such as Paris, Tours, Lille and Nantes. Get on your apps!

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