You will change the way you look at the thermal treatments

Looking for a rejuvenating treatment at the beginning of spring? It's time to revise your preconceived ideas about spa treatments! The incomparable benefits of French thermal waters (their virtues have been reputed since Antiquity!), stays adapted to all types of clientele and to all desires, from a weekend of fitness to long-term relaxation, state-of-the-art facilities, a wealth of nature or cultural discovery activities... So many good reasons to tick the box for a wellness break in one of the 90 French thermal centres. Follow the guide!

Thermalism and thalassotherapy are not the same thing!

Thalassotherapy and thermalism are two totally different worlds ! Whereas thalassotherapy is practised exclusively on the coast, with seawater-based treatments, thermalism is based on the use of the benefits of thermal waters. The thermal spas are located near the springs, most often in the mountains but not only, Marseille on the Mediterranean has its thermal spa, as does Balaruc-Les-Bains, a stone's throw from the beaches of Languedoc! Each spring has its own specificity, as the thermal waters do not all have the same properties. Depending on their origin, which is largely linked to geology, they are more or less loaded with minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium), halogens (bromine, iodine, fluorine), trace elements and radioactive elements. Some are concentrated in carbon dioxide, such as the waters of the Royat-Chamalières resort, which has developed carbotherapy treatments, using both the virtues of water and gas. For each source, there is one or even several good reasons to take advantage of its benefits!

Thermal baths are not just for seniors!

Rejuvenating in the spa towns is far from being reserved for the elderly: all ages can benefit from the benefits of thermal wellbeing, from infants (from 3 months) to pregnant women (on medical advice) and including children and adolescents! The thermal spas are equipped for a wide range of people, 95% have thermoludic areas where the whole family can relax in geysers, hydro-massaging courses and bubble beds, and specific treatments have been developed for children in the spas. The water cities are also a breeding ground for fun activities for the whole family, from grandparents to newborns. Relaxation doesn't wait for the years... nor for the onset of health problems: stays in the spa centres are open to all those who want to be pampered!

Spas are becoming more and more modern

In France, the thermal spas have been rejuvenated another reason for a rejuvenation cure! Major investments have been made in recent years to renovate the facilities and new generation thermal centres have been created such as Aïga Resort in Châtel-Guyon (External link) , at the foot of the Auvergne volcanoes, a vast 1500 m² space dedicated to health and well-being, or Nancy Thermal (External link) (opening on 1 April 2023) with a thermal spa and a 2500 m² aquasports centre equipped with an Olympic pool. The move upmarket is accompanied by the creation of Premium spaces such as in Amélie-Les-Bains (External link) in the Pyrenees mountains where you can relax in the heart of the Roman thermal baths, classified as a historical monument, an exceptional setting, obviously to contemporary standards!

It's also possible to spend a weekend

You don't need to leave long slots in your diary to enjoy the benefits of thermal water! It is perfectly possible to recharge your batteries during stays ranging from a weekend to a dozen days, depending on your schedule. In just one weekend, you can immerse yourself in the world of thermal baths in all their forms, with wellness treatments (hydromassage bath, application of thermal mud, modelling under thermal water) and long relaxation breaks in the vapours of the spring waters. The benefits of prolonged bathing in the thermal waters are felt immediately, a real boost whose effects last over time.

No risk of getting bored!

We dare you to get bored during a stay in the spa towns! There is so much to do that you will be tempted to extend your stay. To increase the effects of the thermal water, most thermal centres offer activities related to letting go. This is a good time to learn yoga, tai chi, meditation or sophrology. And to take advantage of all the outdoor activities. Mountain, sea or countryside, the choice is wide, from downhill skiing to hiking, climbing, paragliding, cycling or adventure courses with zip lines! Are you more into culture? The spa towns are real nuggets, icons of the Belle Epoque such as Vichy, in the Auvergne, or Aix-Les-Bains in the Alps, and often showcases of styles, from Art Deco to contemporary lines: the Thermes de Dax was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel! And the surrounding regions are full of treasures to discover: prehistoric caves, villages with character, castles and fortresses...