4 up and coming talents in the French electronic scene

An icon in the French electro scene, Agoria, the DJ and producer from Lyon, is launching "Re: Generation Day" to honor four up-and-coming artists. Each of them is now releasing an EP on the artist's label Sapiens. Check them out below!

"I am more than ever convinced that a strong voice is necessary to support artists and future leaders in our industry. In this regard, the idea of Re: Generation Day has emerged: a day devoted to highlighting four artists whose music I love, and I hope you will too. I hope that it will regenerate you in one way or another", explains the DJ in the introduction.

Here are the four new hot artists and groups:


Mozaïk is a duo of brothers originally from Bordeaux. Alex takes care of the production and sound identity, while Matt makes the DJ sets. Together, they create enchanting music, composed of bewitching synthesizers and sensual rhythms, inviting listeners to travel through music. This is evidenced by the tracks "Mavembe" and "Rila", on the just-released EP.

Mozaïk's Soundcloud (External link)
EP "Rila" (External link)

Henri Bergmann

DJ and producer of house and techno music, the Londoner has just joined the cult Berlin label Watergate and is preparing for a busy year in 2020. The first song from her EP "Nexus" was featured on the cover of Spotify's Electronic Rising playlist. The EP "Creature" uses the heady voices of the Italian duo "Underspreche," and offers three versions of the title, including one dedicated to radio and one to play in clubs.

Henri Bergmann's Official Site (External link)
EP "Creature" (External link)


A young composer from East Paris, Mooglie learned his skills as a self-taught bass player and then guitarist in various groups. He then turned to synthesizers and created his personal project, mixing disco, techno and new-wave sounds, on the border between urban and electronic music. His EP "Prélude" has two tracks, and he also produces titles for other artists.

Mooglie's Soundcloud (External link)
EP "Prélude" (External link)


Parallells is another duo of brothers, originally from the Netherlands this time. Julien and Thomas studied at music conservatories and are strongly influenced by jazz and classical music. They then founded the label Klassified Records and created the festival of the same name. With "Blooming Flower," they've made an extended sound track, perfect to accompany the sunrise! Their music explores unusual sounds but also various cultures of the world, as evidenced by their recent trip to Morocco with the musicians Gnawas.

Parallells official site (External link)
EP "Blooming Flower" (External link)