3 ways for kids to get creative at home

Are the kids bursting with energy while they wait for their next holiday in France? Here are three ideas to encourage their creativity at home and keep their little fairy fingers busy! Following in the footsteps of modern and contemporary artists, they can cut, paint, sculpt or play directors for the day. Don’t forget to post their achievements on social media!

Learn about art at LAAC Dunkirk

Model your dream home, create wacky characters based on cut-outs, draw with no hands or create your own colour palette... Suitable for kids from 4 to 12, this resource gives free rein to their creativity with daily online tutorials by LAAC (Lieu d’Art et Action Contemporaine) in Dunkirk. It’s in French, but with supportive photo and video content. Awaken your artistic soul while having fun!

View the LAAC tutorials on their Facebook page (External link)

Get inspired by contemporary artists at the Palais de Tokyo

With ‘Tok Tok’ videos from the Palais de Tokyo in Paris (in French with English subtitles), children get a double whammy: a virtual exhibition and a workshop visit! Under the guidance of amusing little characters, they’ll learn to ‘travel without moving’ by creating a diorama with a shoebox, to make ‘time stand still’ with recycled sculptures or to ‘colour the world’ with homemade pastry. Crazy and fun!

Watch the 'Tok Tok' videos (in French with English subtitles) (External link)

Play along with Paris’ Giacometti Institute

While we wait for the Giacometti Institute to reopen its doors, kids can follow their tutorials (in French and English) and try their hands at sculpting. Design your own little miniatures, and model your own idea of an ideal workshop, perhaps inspired by the one Giacometti used for 40 years in Montparnasse? And to copy his slender silhouettes, you can use linen and other fabrics!

Take a Giacometti workshop (in pictures, but instructions in French only) (External link)