Goût de France: 7 French foodie experiences

From 21–24 March, France invites the world to dinner and shares the treasures of its cuisine, recipes and chefs across 150 countries. Under the label of responsible cooking, this fifth edition of culinary festival Goût de France / Good France will also put your tastebuds in turmoil with culinary experiences to be enjoyed throughout France. What’s on the menu this year?

French dinners for the planet

High-quality and celebratory, French cooking also knows how to respect ‘good eating’ and the environment. The 5,000 chefs who will be cooking around the world on 21 March with a good Goût de France menu will prove it. That evening, dine French in 150 countries under the label of responsible cooking. Less fat, sugar and salt... more small producers and sustainable ingredients... the chefs will reinterpret, with their legendary French knack, traditional dishes large and small. Because it’s good for your health... and because it’s good for the planet.
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A large menu for large tables

In reference to the Epicure dinners created in 1912 by great French chef Auguste Escoffier, who was named ‘king of cooks and cook of kings’, top French chefs will offer a tasting menu on 21 March for Goût de France. You can trust Pierre Gagnaire at Fouquet’s Paris, Guy Savoy at Chiberta and Julien Dumas at Lucas Carton to transport foodies to paradise.
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A Provençal banquet under the Eiffel Tower

Sunshine on the plates, heralding the maquis and the Mediterranean: this is the promise of the great Provençal banquet to be held on 21 March under the Eiffel Tower at the International Gastronomy Village. Led by Gérald Passédat, three-Michelin-star chef from Petit Nice in Marseille, six chefs from the south of France will be treating 300 guests. Camargue oysters, anchoiade ‘mon chou’, panisses topped with mackerel and lemon tart with black olives... the five-course menu will have the beautiful accent of Provence, for just €15 per person.
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Five pairs of Collectionneurs

Amassing tributes and awards and devising beautiful recipes – French chefs are competitors but share the same love of French cuisine. Ten Collectionneurs will join forces on 21 March to offer five four-handed dinners. Five promising young chefs will work hand in hand with their elders to create a memorable French menu. Your tastebuds will be in turmoil, from Etretat in Normandy to Kaysersberg in Alsace!

Gourmet experiences in Paris

Dinner on the Seine aboard an electric boat, live cookery demos, meeting the rising stars of world cuisine, a seat in the trendiest bistro-restaurant in Belleville... around 30 gourmet experiences are on the programme on 21 March in a selection of Parisian restaurants, from Ducasse sur Seine to Fulgurances, where the chef changes every six months! All will play the game by serving an eco-responsible menu. Expect spectacular artistry both in the dining rooms and on the plates.
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‘Dîners Complices’ in the 12 regions of France

Carrots taste better when you know where they were grown; wine has more aroma when you learn about the harvest; and chicken more flavour when you imagine where it frolicked around. Meeting the producers, market gardeners, farmers, breeders and winemakers with whom the chefs work is all part of the ‘Dîners Complices’, organised on 21 March in 12 restaurants (one per French region), set up by the Culinary College of France. Among them are the Ferme Lizarraga in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the Passerelle in Perpignan, the Colbert in Strasbourg and Chai Nous Comme Chai Vous on Île de Ré.
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The Barrière hotels join in

France’s 17 Barrière Group hotels will also celebrate the French meal on 21 March. Head to Deauville, Cannes, Dinard, Le Touquet or Ribeauvillé to meet passionate chefs who are devising a special menu for the occasion, combining tradition with freshness. Special mention to ‘algo-chef’ Mickael Amisse at the Hotel Royal in La Baule, who promises to transport his favourite ingredient – seaweed – to the very highest level of culinary excellence.
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