Get disconnected with a digital detox

Take a break in France - and a break from your smartphone! To avoid temptation or a relapse, here are five addresses that offer radical or gentle, solutions to disconnect.

Never without your coach: In Auvergne

Here is the master of the genre: we couldn’t review a digital detox plan in France without paying homage to the Vichy Célestins spa hotel. For the past five years they’ve perfected a programme designed to wean you away from your digital tools and help you learn how to turn them off from time to time by the end of your stay. You’ll achieve a state of inner calm with hydromassage baths and plant abstract and mineral mud wraps, as well as support from a psycho-behavioural coach. And of course, smartphones, tablets and computers are to be carefully placed in a safe at the entrance...

Vichy Célestins spa hotel (External link)