French music playlist for a beat-filled evening

What makes a night out for you? For us, it's great music, no doubt. At the end of the day, we get things started with a little heat from Massilia Sound System of Marseille. Then, after dinner, things really get smoking with Johnny national, afterwards we go hard with a little French electro, before heading into techno mode. No lullabies tonight!

7 pm: Some sun for cocktail hour

A country that loves to host, France is enriched by the traditions of its many kinds of people. For decades, the Marseillais from Massilia Sound System have celebrated their love for their home city, its rainbow of cultures, and the golden sun that gives cocktail hour its special hue.
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9 pm: Time to let off some steam

In France, there are a few constants: the Eiffel Tower, inimitable bread, great wine, and Johnny Hallyday! A national treasure, this rock star was so adored by the French that his funeral in 2017 was attended by hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Get your lighter ready and start the show!
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11 pm: Get on the dancefloor

Disothèque à la française: from Daft Punk to Air, so many French groups have helped put us on the map. And once their opening notes start, everyone is compelled to get up and boogie.
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2 am: Feel the Parisian nightclub life

If France is more known for its electro scene, its techno is nothing to sneeze at either. A denizen of the best French clubs, Laurent Garnier is the enfant terrible of the techno music in France!
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