French music playlist for a cheeky afternoon

You're sitting at home, comfortable on the couch, ready to travel with imagination and music. Let's embark on a mix of styles and eras with French artists like Gainsbourg, Orelsan, Aya Nakamura, M, Bashung, Aznavour and NTM. Close your eyes, you're already in France.

1 pm: Got the blues?

Always prone to nostalgia, the French have forever loved great songs that make you cry! La Bohême, from the great Charles Aznavour, always does the trick.
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2 pm: A naughty nap

After lunch, it's the perfect time for a little sieste—the French have their reputation to protect, after all! If you're cuddling with your sweetheart, the perfect soundtrack is a little Serge Gainsbourg.
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4 pm: Head to the city

Urban French music is little-known overseas: it's too bad, as it's a rich and lively genre. Two cities lead the charge in this genre: Paris, represented by the band NTM (headed by Kool Shen and the indescribable Joey Starr, who has since made a career in cinema) and Marseille with IAM.
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5 pm: Finish the day on a sweet note

Were you into the French music scene in the 90s? If so, you'll find that the electronica landscape of today is still as rich. Beloved since his 2010 album Spanish Breakfast, Rone is a star of this genre.
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