Magimix, Built Better to Last Longer

Magimix products (External link) are designed to make life simpler for the serious cook. Most have their roots in professional products designed for commercial use. For this reason, they work well and are Built Better to Last Longer.

The range combines the best cooking traditions (External link) with today’s technology and is supported by strong domestic use guarantees and after sales service.

Thanks to Magimix innovations, the most demanding tasks can be accomplished quickly, easily and quietly. Explore their range of range of small kitchen appliances and discover one that’s perfect for you.

For those who embrace technology: Cook Expert

cook expert satin Magimix cooking food processor accessories
RRP $2,299, available in Matt Chrome, Black and Red. Made in France. 30-year motor warranty.

Perfect for those who need to cook every night, this multifunctional cooking food processor can replace up to 15 kitchen appliances, cooking meals from starters to desserts in minutes. It can whisk, steam, blend, mix and make dough. Its food processor attachment also allows you to slice, grate, mince, chop and do anything a full food processor can.
Set it and forget it – you will be able to create a wide range of dishes quickly and easily from soups, stews, risottos and purees to breads, cakes and frozen desserts at a push of a button with 13 automatic programs.
Its manual Expert function can also put you in full control over time, speed and temperature, enabling you to use the recipes you know and loves, minus the legwork.

For those in need of a reliable kitchen workhorse: Food Processor

Food Processor Satin Chrome Bakery wide large black
RRP $1,299 for 5200XL Premium, available in Matt Chrome and White
RRP $999 for 5200XL, available in Matt Chrome and White
RRP $899 for 4200XL, available in Matt Chrome, Black, White and Red
RRP $699 for 3200XL, available in Matt Chrome and White
Made in France. 30-year motor warranty.

For those who spend time labouring in the kitchen chopping, slicing and grating, the multifunctional Magimix Food processor would be a valuable kitchen addition. Invented by Magimix and still manufactured in France, only Magimix food processors come with 3 bowls, which will enable you to do several tasks in succession, without having to wash up every time. Imagine whipping up a healthy salad in minutes, shredding vegetables in the main bowl, grating cheese in the midi bowl, and creating the dressing from scratch in the mini bowl.

For those who are all about healthy living: Juice Expert 3

juice expert 3 lait de amande
RRP $599, available in Matt Chrome & Black and Matt Chrome & Red. Made in France. 30-year motor warranty.

If you enjoy your nutritious juice, then look no further than the Magimix Juice Expert 3. Using cold press technology, the Juice Expert is shown to extract more vitamins and minerals whilst resulting in higher yield. You will be able to enjoy healthy juice in three ways. First, using the basket results in perfectly clean and pure juices. Attaching the extra press on the other hand will result in thicker consistencies, perfect for softer fruits, nut milks and smoothies. Lastly, the citrus press is brilliant for citrus based juices, with or without the pulp. Who knows, you can get even more creative and use it to make homemade passata!

For those who are looking for an upgrade: Power Blender

magimix blender inox milkshake largeur epure

RRP $399, available in Matt Chrome, Black, White and Ice Blue. 30-year motor warranty.

Blenders are a must-have in any kitchen and if you are looking for a reliable upgrade, then look no further than the Magimix Power Blender. Its jug is made with thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass, making it the safer and healthier option. Great to use from smoothies to soups, it also has pre-set programmes, removing all the guesswork. Using Cold-Mix technology, it maintains the temperature within the jug, so that no nutrients are lost in the blending process.

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