Throwback to childhood with these Easter treats

Spring is knocking on our door, and Easter bells are ringing. There's a delicious comfort in knowing that like always, this year young and old will be able to enjoy our selection of chocolates. French pastry chefs and chocolate makers unveil creations that will impress us and wow our taste buds! This egg hunt will be rich in treasure…on your marks, get set, go!

The Fables of the Fountain by Vincent Guerlais

Master crow, perched in a tree, holding in its beak...chocolate! Taste the characters from the famed French stories of Fables by Jean de la Fontaine in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate blends topped with an assortment of Easter goodies, as well as fried foods and other house delicacies. Which do you like best, the hare, the turtle, the raven, or the fox?

Vincent Guerlais (External link)

The traveling animals of Edwart Chocolatier

Edwart Chocolatier wants to take you on a tour of the animal world! A surfer kangaroo, an explorer koala and a trickster marmoset accompany you on a trip around the world to conquer the Grand Crus of Cacao. Edwin Yansané, master chocolatier of the house, and his team have made these exceptional chocolates, garnished with praline. This new collection allows you to travel the world in one bite.

Edwart Chocolatier (External link)

Christophe Michalak's hens

Berthe and Louise come in two versions: dark chocolate or milk chocolate, but they're always accompanied by their egg Gianduja. These confections offer classic flavors that speak to young and old alike: a sweet pleasure that will enhance your annual egg hunt!

Christophe Michalak (External link)

Sébastien Gaudard's car

Family-friendly, ready to put peddle to the metal--Sébastien Gaudard's round and gourmet cars make you want to go on a road trip! Take off with this collection of chocolate vehicles. Keep an eye out: beautiful surprises are hidden in each car, take a bite and taste its little sweets...

Sébastien Gaudard (External link)

Marshmallows from Maison Carrousel

Maison Carrousel offers an unusual alternative to traditional Easter treats: a box of marshmallows to dip in a chocolate fondue! An old-school confectionery made modern with 100% natural products, and without artificial flavors or colors. The icing on the cake, its packaging is eco-responsible, made from the residue of cocoa pods! Dark rum, pear, sesame, blackcurrant, vanilla-hazelnut, raspberry--what will be your favorite flavor?

Maison Carrousel (External link)

Animals in the garden of Maison Lenôtre

To celebrate the arrival of spring, Maison Lenôtre is unleashing creations of chocolate animals and insects to accompany the traditional Easter hen. A robin with white chocolate wings, a ladybug with a dark chocolate body, a butterfly resting on a dark chocolate half-egg, a hedgehog with nougatine thorns, or a bee resting on its half-egg lollipop with French hazelnut praline--there is something for every taste in this menagerie!

Maison Lenôtre (External link)

Christophe Adam's Easter Duck

Almost 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of pure 100% chocolate happiness? This is what Christophe Adam offers at Éclair de Génie with his trompe-l'oeil confection in cocoa butter and dark chocolate with hazelnut pieces. Nicknamed the little Louis, this chocolate duck is waiting for you, so come and adopt it!

Éclair de Génie (External link)

And marzipan for Patrick Roger

If you are looking for an alternative to chocolate, head to Patrick Roger's boutique. A host of little marzipan characters awaits you. Both cute and delicious, they will go perfectly with your eggs, your chickens, your bells...the taste of springtime!

Patrick Roger (External link)