Create a work of art inspired by France!

Have you been dreaming of taking your kids on a trip to France? To give them a little preview of what they'll see, here are some great ideas for fun and educational activities to do at home. Learn to design a work of art, color in culture, do an online puzzle: every age group has its own "Made in France" activitiy!

Do puzzles and create comics at the Grand Palais

To get to know something in the most intimate detail, there's nothing like a puzzle! Bring the garden from Claude Monet's "Dejeuner sur l'Herbe" or the canvases of Toulouse-Lautrec to life online. And kids of all ages can share in the preview fun, since there are three levels of difficulty. The oldest (and most creative!) kids can test out their design skills by creating a comic from former exhibitions at the Grand Palais.

Play online puzzles (External link)
Create online comics (External link)

Color in France from north to south

Travel artists, ready your crayons! For little ones, the culture of France is splashed over dozens of coloring book pages, both downloadable and online. There's Gaugin and Renoir at the Grand Palais, the Gallic Wars at the Museoparc Alesia, the landmarks of Lille, marine animals at the Cité de la mer in Cherbourg, and contests and floral how-tos to color in at the Mucem in Marseille.

Grand Palais (External link)
Museoparc Alesia (External link)
Lille (External link)
Cité de la Mer (External link)
MUCEM (External link)

Learn to draw with the Louvre-Lens

Want to do a workshop visit to the Louvre-Lens museum? Do it from home with the stories and tutorials created from the works of the Time Gallery blog. Each day there's a new task: create a new "main monster" inspired (loosely) by the sphinx at Darius I palace (2-4 years) or learn to design the Egyptian cat goddess Bastet (from 8 years up). The lessons are in French, but they're easy to follow no matter your native language, as the main points are visual!

Louvre-Lens blog (External link)