Christmas in the mountains: 4 good reasons to make it (even) better

This year again, we are taking advantage of the end of year celebrations to get together with our families and take a deep breath of fresh air in the mountains! Between the snowy landscapes, the end of the day by the fire and the good food, we promise you an unforgettable Christmas.

#1 - A breath of fresh air

How about a well-deserved breath of fresh air while waiting for Father Christmas? There's nothing like snow-covered peaks, snow that crunches under your feet and wind that rushes through the trees. Can you hear it? It's the sound of silence and letting go.

#2 - Santa in the Snow

Do you know many children who don't dream of a white Christmas? We're going all out to please the little ones (and the grown-ups too) by offering them a magical and fairytale Christmas in the mountains. Musical and light parades with puppets, stilt walkers and characters of all kinds, torchlight descents, the ski resorts organise multiple activities for families during Christmas week. On 24 December, don't forget to put a glass of milk and some biscuits by the tree to thank Father Christmas, who you may have seen a few hours earlier in the busy streets of the resorts or at the foot of the slopes!

#3 - Cocooning by the fire

The real Christmas holidays are the ones where you take time. To read by the fire, for example, or to watch a film with the family with a good hot chocolate. Or simply watching the snow fall on the trees from the cosy interior of a mountain chalet. Later, we'll go sledding, but for now, we're enjoying it.

#4 - Mountain specialities at Christmas dinner!

What if this year, we revisited the traditional foie gras-turkey-log? In the mountains, for your taste buds, it's Christmas every day! Whether you are in the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Jura or the Vosges, cheese is king. Raclette, fondue, boîte chaude, tartiflette... is accompanied by local products: charcuterie, crozets or Morteau sausages. For dessert, a blueberry tart is a treat, while Savoy cake is a welcome accompaniment to a gourmet afternoon.