Escape to 7 French amusement parks this summer

Fiery dragons, the eternal love of a pianist and his muse, nature and wildlife… Reopening in June, French amusement parks aren’t skimping on novelties to impress their long-awaited visitors, and there’s something for all ages and tastes. Here’s an overview of seven popular parks to visit in 2020!

NB: Health measures

The Prime Minister announced the reopening of amusement parks for visitors from June 2 in the green zone and from June 22 in the orange zone.

As part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19, new health measures have been put in place, such as the obligation to wear a mask, compliance with social distancing and the reorganisation of traffic on site.

As visitor capacities are often reduced, it will sometimes be necessary to book tickets online. We advise you to check the measures taken by the individual organisers on their websites before planning your trip.

Travel around the Equator at ZooParc de Beauval

The Beauval ZooParc reopened on Tuesday, June 2. The great novelty for 2020 at this famous animal park is its brand new Equator Dome, which opened in early February. The statistics are dizzying: 38 metres high, a hectare of grounds, two hours of complete immersion and over 200 species to meet, not forgetting its 19 pools and aquariums. A new experience not to be missed under any circumstances, after a hello to the zoo pandas!

The Equator Dome at Beauval ZooParc (French only) (External link)
Reopening info (French only) (External link)

Fly to Mars at Futuroscope

Three, two, one, lift off… On June 13, visitors to Futuroscope will be able to step into an astronaut’s shoes and take a virtual flight to Mars. Better fasten your seatbelt, as this new attraction will be no less than a classic rollercoaster. With electromagnetic fields, solar flares, top speeds of 55 km/h, and indoor and outdoor routes ... there’s no doubt it’s thrilling. You’ll leave with stars in your eyes and butterflies in your tummy.

Objectif Mars (External link)
Reopening info (External link)

Celebrate a wedding at Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou reopens on Thursday, June 11, adding a new show to its repertoire for 2020. Visitors will enjoy the night-time marvel of Les Noces de Feu, celebrating the eternal love of a violinist muse and a virtuoso pianist. Sets and dancers emerge from the lake, and special effects involve water, fire and lights. It’s a spectacular experience for the whole family to enjoy, before a suitably princely dinner at the park’s new restaurant, La Table des Ambassadeurs. The day can end in style with fantastical dreams at the Hotel Le Grand Siècle, a dive into the era of the Sun King.

Les Noces de Feu (External link)
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Stroll around the Quais de Lutèce at Parc Astérix

Parc Astérix reopens on June 15 with a charming new hotel. Imagine 150 rooms across the typical ancient Parisian buildings formerly known as the Lutèce, with the Seine reconstructed in the centre! This is the look of the brand new Les Quais de Lutèce hotel. At its heart is a cheerful, colourful ‘city’, to the west a rural area where craftsmen display their skills, and to the east is river transport. A true miniature community, in short.

Parc Astérix has reconstructed this antique version of Paris without sacrificing any of its eco-responsible objectives: the wood has come from certified sustainable forests and hot water is produced by solar panels on the roofs. Not so crazy, these Gauls!

Les Quais de Lutèce (External link)
Reopening info (External link)

Beware of dragons at Parc Vulcania

Situated 15km from Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, Vulcania is reopening its gates on Wednesday, July 1. This year, its theme is explorers and dragons. A 3D animated film ‘Mission Vulcania - Operation Rescuer’ will stage three scientists, while the ‘Chaîne des Puys’ animation will familiarise all ages with the region’s volcanoes.
In addition, ‘Dragon Ride 2’ will be animated by Henri de Dragoiac, an explorer and dragon specialist, to explain more about these mythical creatures. And outside in the Forest of Dragons, there’s a trail presenting the legends that link dragons with nature.

New for 2020 at Parc Vulcania (External link)
Reopening info (French only) (External link)

Explore ecology at Terra Botanica

Putting plants in the spotlight for 10 years, this park outside Angers in the Loire Valley reopened on Thursday, June 4. And to celebrate its 10th birthday as it should, Terra Botanica is full of new surprises: visit the ‘Garden without Water’ to discover Mediterranean and other species capable of drawing water from deep underground; then enjoy a moment of amazement in the Oasis, a new super structure measuring seven metres high and composed of seven tonnes of bamboo, seeking to promote new, more eco-friendly materials. Among other novelties are a new magic show and a second live show called ‘La Fable de Chèvrefeuille’. It’s the perfect place to get a good breath of fresh air!

New for 2020 at Terra Botanica (French only) (External link)
Reopening info (French only) (External link)