9 beautiful French creations to offer at Christmas

Christmas shopping? Don't worry about the annual headache. This year, make yourself (and others) happy with ideas from these passionate artisans, most of whom boast the label of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant*, or living heritage enterprise. All share the appreciation for quality workmanship and strike a balance between traditional savoir-faire and modern style. From Brittany to the Côte d'Azur, here’s a quick tour of France in gifts to help you find something precious to place under the Christmas tree.

Wool in Provence

In Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence, over eight passionate generations have passed down the secrets of making shawls, scarves, and blankets. Respecting traditional workmanship and constantly innovating, the designers Brun de Vian-Tiran travel the world in search of the most beautiful fibers for their exceptional creations. What’s better than something warm and cozy under the Christmas tree?
Brun de Vian-Tiran (External link)

Leather in Burgundy

In the heart of Burgundy, in Noyers-sur-serein, Yazmhil and Brice Corman are Maroquiniers créateurs, designing original pieces inspired by pure French tradition. Whether you prefer small pouches, larger bags, or belts, there are endless possibilities for shapes, leathers, and colors. Choosing is the hard part.
Noyers Maroquiniers Créateurs (External link)

Crystal in Alsace

Alsace, the cradle of glassworks for over a century, is also well known for its Lalique crystalware, which continues artisanal glass working traditions, while innovating with modern collections. With its jewelry, crystal, and more recently, home design, there’s no doubt that you can find a timeless gift for anyone here.
Lalique (External link)

Wax in Vendée

Five generations have sustained this artisanal family business in Vendée, sharing their unique, traditional know-how in the making of their Bougies La Française candles. With a variety of collections (like “vintage” or “forest”), shapes, and scents, there is a candle for everyone. These are real crowd-pleasers to slide under the tree.

Bougies La Française (External link)

Recycled Cardboard in Paris

A play oven with rounded design, a toy storage bin shaped like a crocodile, child-sized furniture, and even a kit to build your own guitar: there’s something for everyone at Carton Lune, whose workshop is located in Montreuil, just outside of Paris. All items are made from recycled cardboard, and the designer also creates bespoke pieces. Here you can find an original, sustainable holiday gift that’s good for the environment.

Carton Lune (External link)

Porcelain in Limoges

Limoges, the porcelain capital, is the birthplace of an exceptional savoir-faire, like that proven by Maison Bernardaud, established in 1863. This family business collaborates with passionate artisans to create extraordinary objects to dress up even the prettiest holiday table settings. Their porcelain jewelry range is just as remarkable, each piece making for an elegant, refined gift.

Bernardaud (External link)

Metal in Dordogne

The oldest French knives produced by talented artisans are created in Dordogne, in the small town of Nontron. Staying true to traditional technique and savoir-faire, Coutellerie nontronnaise has nonetheless evolved in its design, diversifying and creating new ranges for knife enthusiasts. A great gift for those who enjoy authentic, timeless pieces.

Coutellerie nontronnaise (External link)

Soap in Marseille

Savonnerie du Fer à Cheval is upholding more than 150 years of traditional Marseille soap production. Using this certified soap follows the trend of consuming more durable, natural products. Whether you prefer the traditional bar of soap, the liquid version or the flakes, the virtues of Marseille soap remain the same: its highly effective and good for the skin. These soaps are useful and environmentally friendly gifts.

Savonnerie du Fer à Cheval (External link)

Perfume in Grasse

Maison Molinard, in Grasse, has been combining tradition with modernity, and luxury with authenticity for more than 150 years. This passion and age-old know-how have been passed on for five generations, creating a range of elegant, original scents. Whether someone is more spicy or floral, or prefers more fresh or woodsy scents, this is a chic, classy gift for any taste.

Molinard (External link)